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Discussion in 'The Artist's Corner' started by Aurora, Apr 7, 2003.

  1. Write poetry or spoken word pieces? Gotta tight flow? Or maybe just messing around? Post it here!
  2. Drifting down from luminence,
    reach for nothing but find the line
    between death and the still beating heart
    revolutions revolve as evolution dissolves,
    and the dark ones play god all over again.
    Signposts mark the way of the blind herd
    migrating toward some unsaid promise of false happiness,
    filling pockets and emptying souls.

    Pathwys of the mind mindless blind and numb stumbling and staggering across the room
    finding only the west wall staring at the lost with dull moonlit pale as the light penetrates the
    cracks of a self made security blanket of concrete and sweat pouring from the veins
    of the machines the power whores built with blood money of forgotten races
    crushed beneath concrete in the name of a sick backwards progress.

    Closing doors, crumbling walls falling inward upon self so dead and mechanized
    as pistons pound and wheels turn and electrons flow in a synchronous ballet of effficiency.
    What progress we have made since the stone age when man was free.

    Much better being a slave to automation, made my coffee for me,
    made them all go away with removed self.

    Can you see whan you died and became one of the machines?

    Now you can't leave or they will shoot to kill.

    Concentration camps built of stucco and silicon we guard our own borders.

    "They're different" now they've lost their right to breathe says the mass of clones
    as crushed bone becomes earth once again and green grass grows from spilled blood
    of the damned on the fields where war is grown.

    Justifiable homicide, genocide, but only after suicide caue it all comes back around.
    Trance ending in reality, or so they say.

    Still breathing, are you?
  3. tightness for real yo. ^_^
  4. Damn did u write that man... impressive...

    Well im gonna lighten things up with a flow here we go........

    Tick Tock tick Tock all i hear is the hammer from the glock,
    what bock,,, bock...that tick is just
    the tock of an old clock...i been blazin..lazin...
    crazin...for so long that id ont even need a liason...
    so im not violent just defiant...refuse to sit around and be lifes
    Cus if u live scared to die ull never know why...
    why it is always so imprtant to say bye...
    to get high...and live righ...
    Tick Tack tick tack fuck i aint got no 6 pack
    but some bad breath
    is wat ur comin weth
    so take care of that soon
    cus at noon ..........................

    hahahadamn that fucking sucked, butit was a straight up flow on the keyboard made no fucking sense!!!

    Im blazed as fuck so OH WELL
  5. Thanks, i wrote that like back in '98.

    Vessel by TooSicKs

    Subconscious, unconscious, drift into either
    dream a dream, or was it real
    flew to the stars, retunrd back to eareth
    only to gaze at once had, once held
    so close, so far, so big, so gone
    left empty, left something there,
    in the stars now for all to see,
    dot of light, used to be,
    living, breathing, so far away
    from empty vessel once called home
    see this dot in the sky, among millions, yet alone
    drifting though what, to where?
    who knows?
    empty vessel reaches toward dot of glowing light
    try to recapture the lost or is it really,
    lost, stolen, removed, broken, dead,
    escaped, prisoner of fate
    how empty the room, the vessel seems
    when walls have no use,
    doors have no puropse, locks unneeded
    so far, so close,
    the vessel, so empty.
  6. standing out in the cold
    darkness only death can know
    eyes have been witnessess
    rituals of witch hunters
    burned the prophet at the stake
    dream from which will never wake
    enemy of technocracy
    and that of hypocracy
    carried on the prophecy
    to save us from humanity

    eyes have seen not through greed
    separating want and need
    violent hum of technology
    of digital neurology
    corporate born psychology
    tried to burn him at the stake
    his own life he did take
    carried to the grave
    words that could save
    save us from technocracy
    see right throuhg hypocracy
    now lay dead the prophecy
    to save us from humanity
  7. How many of you remember when you were kids and you first noticed that when sunlight shines through dust and everything's hazy, and you saw millions of little dust particles just floating?

    Dust by TooSicks

    Sunlight through the window
    smells like home, happiness here
    dust chases dust in rays of hope
    watching infinity play it's games
    though eyes unjaded unwitnessing
    the world remembered so different
    so distant, like a dream once saw
    stood in the sunlight watched dust chased dust
    saw world for what it wasn't
    where good is right and always wins
    and strong will can surmount all evils
    sunlight through the window
    dust chases dust and memory faded
    but still remember bliss unjaded
  8. Hello Murdered World by TooSicKs

    Hello poison world,

    Can you feel my pain?

    As I wither and die beneath a volley of acid rain.

    Hello bleeding world,

    Can you hear my cries?

    As I voice my anger to industry darkened skies.

    Hello dying world

    Can you see my blood?

    Dripping into once river now toxic sludge.

    Hello mechanized world.

    I hear your pistons pound.

    My voice drown out by this violent evil sound.

    Hello prison world.

    Bring me to my knees.

    Forced to buy your products that let you control me.

    Hello murdered world.

    Today I saw a tree.

    The last one that ever stands in the way of industry.

    Hello concrete world.

    Embrace so cold and gray.

    Hope and trees are gone, nothing more to say.
  9. dude... toosicks.....

    luvvin it...

    u a prophet.
  10. This is a conversation I had with a stoner buddy while on MSN
    Did I ever tell you Im am infact a potato?
    no no. i remeber u didnt look much like a potato. more of a sort of turnip person
    Ah, I can see where you see the likeness. Its my eyes
    really. what colour were they again
    It kinda beigey with a bit of mud
    ah the best colour. blue that is. not mud
    what is beigey?
    Ah. Dictionary definition of beigey: "Similar to, or like, the colour beige"
    and yes i like my new name, i just made it up on the spot
    And which spot was that exactly?
    umm the one im sitting on
    no i dont have a spot on my ass
    Who would say such a thing????
    you do, its right there *prods your ass*
    aha aha aha aha aha aha aha aha whoops BOING said Mr Bendy. Do you like my spoon?
    thats not in the slightest bit amusing, cos it it was HAHAHAHAHAH, then id have to HAHAHAHAHAAH, kill you with aforementioned spoon and aforementioned stoat-filled-ferry. it was really aforementioned, contrary to popular belief, as it is infact driven by a time-travelling evil triplet clone of Dr.Age himself. or it might be his sister
    Incestuous bottom sniffing intruder!!!!
    I squirt you in the eye with super strength whippy spray cream
    no you dont. that was a picture of an eye on a fake copy of my own selfs cloned clone
    Oh no!! I am foiled, I must flee this curry-house at once and set up a less conspicious company selling rubber moustaches
    beware that chicken flavoured fishstick, its gunna get shoved up your.... bugger that must have hurt. y u smiling? wierdo. now where did i put that rabbit and the knife
    i have out wierded the wierd one!!!!
    I will snap your chicken stick with much gay abandon (NO YOU HAVENT!!!) AHAHAHAHAHAHA
    without cabbages of any sort!
    actually if u saw, it was a chicken-fishstick.
    I do apoligise. My pet snail had covered the fish part. It likes fish
    somewhat more flexible and intelligent that your average stick
    Yes. I agrre, though I prefer caramel myself. It makes the peas stick to your chopsticks
    really? stupid snails. when will they ever learn, ever since 1948 they've been building that bloody train, and i tell them time and again, no it wont run on whisky
    Hmm. Personally I never did believe that theyd break the sound barrier, btu bugger me if the little slimers proved me wrong
    Damn them and their flying tortiose poo pellets
    are you a cunning linguist incidentally?
    Arf Arf NNNOOOOOOO!!!!!
    thats childish. like a babies rattle strapped to a nappy-factory
    But I can do a cunning stunt
    not so cunnign yet
    Well, not unless you first let my invisible leech attach itself to your head and suck your brain out of your nose. Believe me, THATS cunning
    Because then I become suprememly intelligent
    that would be a stunt
    and a half
    AHAHAHA! I have foiled the chicken-fishstick potato-killer
    really? where
    I am the supreme bean
    Just there. Over your shoulder. Hes the one with the knife
    no thats gerry, he lives in the cupboard, never can be too careful.
    Aah, yes. You wouldnt want the pixies creeping up and nibbling your toes as you lie sleeping, Would you
    i was more worried about this long haired messy thing in the garden that keeps hugginh trees. i shoot it with an ari rifle every now and then, but it wont go away. stupid blighter
    Damn the hairy thing. It was probably me on one of my better full moons
    I wondered where the little bits off metal in me kept coming from
    no the hair was stripy yellow and white
    Ah. Not me then
    Couldve been a greater yellow tufted budgerigar? With white stripes? Kind of a variegated type
    no it was wearing green trousers and had a big baggy red jumper on. i think it was dave form next door. hes ascary guy
    he keeps rabbits
    i HATE rabbits
    Sounds amusing. I could eat him for you
    Rabbits rae scary sinister little beatsies, aint they!
    rabbits are a plague
    up myximtosis
    Yep. Runny eyes
    exploding heads
    And can you imagine growing big front teeth and long hairy ears?assunming u dont already have them , of course
    oh no
    ARGH! You scared me!
    dont be scared biatch. hes only after your.......
    Im terrified. Look, you can see the whites of my eyes
    *looks hard* no... no thats NOT white. here, use this bleach... oops
    my eyes are meeelllllttttiiiiiiiinnnnnggggggggggg................................
    oh well, here have theses spares i keep in my pocket
    dont worry, the bag was sealed
    But theyve got fluff stuck to them!
    phew even
    R u sure it didnt have any rips?
    :sure. tho i didnt keep resets in there
    Damn your disorganisedness. DAMN thats a long word
    Ahh! Receipt. Get you....I thought you'd gone normal on me there for a minute, nearly didnt understand a word you were saying
    thast the bastard
    Long, winding BOLLOCKS!

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