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Discussion in 'General' started by tabou21, Apr 23, 2003.

  1. hey,i had this idea about posting yourself so everyone can see who they are talking dont have to particpate.i guess ill start it then.

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  2. this should be intresting.ive been involved with this in other forums.hope you all have fun.
  3. im the one on the left

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  4. hey tabou, i would take your pic down if thats really you, cuz you might get busted.

    greenlantern... you uuuuuugly lol
  5. lol get busted, busted for what smoking pot lol. you have nothing to worry about. there are no cops looking around the site for potheads who post there pics to then find them and bust them. they can find u anyway if they wanted too.
  6. i guess, meh

    hey i just noticed, you have really blue eyes.. cool
  7. my pic!
    yes i was the one who posted the semi nude pic...what wrong with a little nudity as long as its not dirty porn?

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  8. hey i never saw your semi nude pic, where did it go?
  9. Do you guys not remember that pic she posted of her on the bed? it was hot ;)
  10. who posted a nude pic and could they post it again?
  11. LOL yea, post it again.

    And if u cant PM me with it ;-)
  12. i never saw it either, but I'd like to. You're mad hot girl! :)

  13. Told you did see it, and in response you said..

    You look better with the long hair jumpfree.
  14. you have beautiful eyes

    hahaha this just became jumpfree's thread... ^_^
  15. i seen it as well, but unfortunately i had to delete as it's against the rules......but very nice.........what's done outside the city is exactly that.....outside.........Peace out......Sid
  16. heres me.

    My right eye looks funny it just cause the way im looking. ill try to get a better pic of me.

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  17. here me with a couple of my girls this summer at the camp we go to. oh and my friend matt. im wearing a jew-rag on my head. see this is a jewish camp and i took the camps shirt and used as a do-rag.

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  18. lol allie is fat

  19. LOL, dont make fun of allie she is cool ( the big one in middle ) She's the bravest she was first to smoke and other shit. there are even more girls that we chill with though that look better ill try to get a pic ;-D

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