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Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by MrFooey, Jul 12, 2017.

  1. So I'm out in my garden doing terrible things to the pests with my boot and I think to myself, this should be a learning experience for all. I figured take a picture of your pests and give a brief explanation as to what you're doing about it.

    Here's my current nemesis.
  2. Thrips.

  3. IMG_20170711_194733.jpg
    Grasshopper asshole. I mostly just pick them off by hand and stomp them. I've been finding more. I'll spray Monterey Garden Spray tomorrow if I find more damage tomorrow. I prefer to spray as a last resort. I do preventative spray a couple times each season.
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  4. Thrips suck.
    I just made a punny.
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  5. Sorry it looks kinda like I just called @Allofthemtaken an asshole. I was referring to the grasshopper as an asshole.
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  6. Here's another garden pest. Caterpillars. They are also assholes. The one shown is a tomato worm. Big ugly with a horn on his butt. Very hard to spot in spite of it's size. Bud worms are much smaller and blend in perfectly with cannabis flowers. They eat the flowers and poop inside of the buds. This in turn rots the bud from the inside out. Controlled by neem, Monterey or Azamax/Azasol. Hand picking insures total death to all (hopefully). Resized_20170701_124403.jpeg
  7. Today's bug is leaf miners. These are larva of several different insects. Moths, flies, wasps and some beetles. These require a wide spectrum insecticide to control. Monterey Garden Spray works well.

    Most damage is really superficial unless you get a heavy infestation. They don't get into the buds or fruit but can slow growth when not controlled. IMG_20170713_065208.jpg
    These are very small worm-like bugs that live inside the leaf and eat the center out. Shown is my Crenshaw melons, though these little bastards will infest any plant.

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