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  1. My specs are foxconn mobo, pentium d 3.0 ghz , nvidia 7900 gs , 17' a open lcd , lite-on cd/dvd burner , standard black case , razer tarantula kb , razer lachesis mouse

    had this computer for a while, i'll be upgrading soon
  2. I built this pc for school with the refunded financial aid. Will be upgrading it the start of this semester.

    ASUS P5n32e-sli Mobo
    Intel C2D E6300
    2GB Ram
    EVGA Nvidia 8800gts 320mb
    250GB samsung SATA HDD
    Lite-On DVD DL burner
    Antec 500w psu
    NZXT Apollo pc case (black)
    19" WS Acer AL1917W monitor
    MS media keyboard + 5 button wireless mouse

    Processor is not as fast as I would like, HDD is maxed out, Vista eats up half my ram, and graphics card needs a SLi partner.
  3. dam i forgot i have 2 gb ram , 140 western digital hd , bro why do you have blows
  4. I have had no problems with Vista what so ever. People need to get over it.
  5. I downloaded Vista Ultimate 64bit torrent style and I love it besides for it being a ram hog, easy fix though. I have never had any problem with it and it's alot better than my previous XP home.

  6. Fucking thank you. Bought a Dell Vostro 200. Intel x3100 core2 Duo E4500 @ 2.20ghzm, 2gig ram, geforce 8800gt, 500gb hd, cd/dvd-r/wr and a 20" monitor with vista premium and it kicks ass. Its not as bad a memory hog as everyone thinks. Your just not gonna run this modern operating system with 128 megs of ram. My system uses about a gig no matter what, rarely ever goes higher than that. Most people dont ever need to go higher than 2gb - which came as a free upgrade when i bought my pc

    The only thing that pisses me off about Vista is the "ultimate edition," or "pay a bunch of extra money and get nothing back edition."
  7. My specs are as follows...


    I certainly need a new computer.
  8. lenovo r60 (laptop)
    xp professional
    t2400 @ 1.83ghz
    1gb ram
    some shitty integrated graphics card
    windows xp professional
    160gb hard drive (added)
    cd/dvd burner (added)

    Suprisingly it is much faster than my grandmas 3 month old hp notebook that has 2gb ram, vista, and 2.2ghz processor
  9. Vista
    AMD Athlon 5600 2.8ghz
    2gb RAM
    GeForce 8600 GT
    22" Widescreen Acer P223W
    Main hard drive is 232gb and my second one is 465gb
    Saitek Eclipse II Keyboard
    Razer Diamondback mouse
    Thermaltake MaxOrb CPU Liquid Cooling
    ASUS M3A32 Motherboard
    Logitech X-540 5.1 Surround Speakers + Subwoofer \t\t\t\t\t\t\t\t\t\t\t\t\t\t\t

    Cost a lot of money.

    Quit bitching about Vista all the bugs and glitches have been worked out.
  10. HP Pavilion a1540n
    AMD Athlon 64 X2 dual core processor 4200+
    2GB PC2-4200 DDR2 SDRAM
    250GB SATA Hard Drive
    400GB PATA Hard Drive
    16X Dual Layer DVD+/- Lightscribe DVD burner
    ATi All In Wonder X1900 PCI Express videocard
    Antec 480W Neo Power power supply
    Microsoft Windows XP Media Center Edition
    Gateway 24" Widescreen monitor
    Viewsonic VA902b 19" LCD monitor
  11. My 7900 Gs kicks my ass if I try to play Crysis on decent graphics. What is funny is it can play UT3 on max graphics. It is a decent card. I fucking hate nvidia though.
  12. yea bro my 7900 gs is kick ass too it runs bioshock on high settings =O

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