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Post Your Nute Schedule - Soil/Soilless

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by FlyMaster, Jul 31, 2011.

  1. Ok, so rather than ask a bunch of questions about feeding and nutes I figure a thread can just be started to benefit all of the City :)

    As long as you have a few grows under your belt and are contributing something, feel free to post your current feeding schedule and basics about your feeding regiment - type of nutes and amounts, ph, frequency of application, type of medium and container size, amount of water vs. container size, veg vs. bloom, light, and whatever else you feel is relevant and hopefully we can all converse and learn something :).

    I hesitate to post because I'm fairly new to growing and still majorly tinkering but maybe someone with experience can get things started......
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    BASE NUTES: Advanced Nutrients Iguana Juice Bloom
    Canna Bio Flores
    ADDITIVES: Roots Organics HP2
    Budswell Powder
    Mexican/Jamaican/Indonesian Bat Guanos
    Canna Bio Boost
    Canna Rhizotonic
    Kelp Meal (1-0-2)
    Botanicare Liquid Karma
    SOIL: Roots Organic Natural/Organic Potting Soil
    Roots Organic OrganismXL Mycorrhizae
    Fresh Local Worm Castings
    CONTAINER SIZE: 3.8g Air Root Pot/5 Gal Roots Pot/15 Gal Plain Black Pot
    LIGHTS:The sun if possible, T5 for Veg, 600w HPS Digilux/Hortilux/Ushio

    I run some plants on Canna Bio and some on Advanced Iguana Juice. As you can probably tell I try to keep it as organic as possible. I feel with organics in soil you jusct cant beat the taste/smell or color. I'm thinking about switching to all Canna Bio because of the ease and consistent results but just haven't got it finely tuned in as of date.

    So the ones i run on Advanced Iguana id start with 10ml a gal at start of flower and work my way up to 20ml by mid of flower. Throughout flower i will use the budswell powders and HP2 by Roots. Ph usually set between 6.4-6.5, ppm 400-800peak. They say its hard to measure ppms of organics but i still feel the need to, even in my teas I brew.

    I would feed with every single watering, 15gal pot usually around 2 gal of water and everything else just 1 gal. My plants seem to like to be fed with every watering yours may not. Various times throughout the plants cycle veg and bloom i will top-dress with the guano's and mycorrhizae listed above. Foliar feed with Liquid Karma/Rhizotonic all the way thru veg. Then foliar feed in bloom with Liquid Karma/Cann Bio Boost just the first 2 weeks.

    Thru flower on my Canna line all you have to use is Canna Bio Flores and Canna Bio Boost. When you mix the canna bio products in water it goes down to like 5.1.They say not to ph adjust it because it will self balance in the soil but have sound that to not be the case 100% of the time. The say to use their Canna Terra Soil or something but you can even get that in the USA because the feds stopped shipment due to hazardous fungisomething or another. Whatever. So i still ph adjust with ph up and down to 6.4 when i water with it. Getting good results so i may switch. Derived from 50% fermented molasses, hop extracts and rock phosphate.

    Man that was a fucking novel. Feel free to ask some questions, I'm sure i left some shit out haha!
  3. Thanks for contributing kushman, looks like you have a nice setup going..give you rep if I had it. Hopefully some more people will share their time and info as I think this thread could help a lot..You mentioned the Canna line, had any experience with Canna Coco?..I'm dying to try a 50:50 ratio with Canna, Pro-Mix, and some added perlite, vermiculite :D.

    Yeah none of this for me is completely fine tuned, thats why I hesitated to share to begin with, but oh well..it's been working well recently..
    -I think the feeding every watering just makes sense and plants seems to like it. Water Filtered tap water, once in bloom usually watered/fed every 3 days..ph usually aiming for pH 6.2-6.4...have also heard it said not to use 'ph up' but I'm not sure what else to do :confused:..if I don't use it then I run into problems and if I cut back nute levels to compensate then I run into problems?..am only going by ph right now, still need to get ppm meter.
    -I'm planning on switching to a complete organic setup once my current nutes are used up Nutes (currently running Fox Farms GB, TB, and BB with Snow Storm Ultra and molasses and have had good results..tried Super Thrive for a little while but am still undecided and am going to discontinue). GB and TB usually max out at 3/4 of recommended amounts, same with SSU...BB and molasses at 1-2 tsp/gal, with SSU foliar at 4ml/gal.
    -Not sure if its just the Snow Storm but the plants really seem to like and look healthier after foliar feeding. I usually foliar and feed regular throughout flowering and am interested to try other Humboldt Co. products..Have also been looking at Peace of Mind stuff but am also in only coco/perlite..so maybe coco specific if I decide to stay with only coco..
    -TB seems to be lacking in N imo or maybe its something else and thats where the solubles are suppose to come in? Have been experimenting with giving both GB and TB for the first 1-3wks of bloom and then switching to only TB to develop buds, GB added at reduced amounts if needed.
    -Medium Currently in Pro-Mix with about 30% coco and 20% perlite added...dolomite lime in Pro-Mix seems to counter cal-mag deficiency with coco well, but my next run is in only coco/perlite. 3 gal bags, have had good results and will be trying 'partial hempy' setup in a larger 4.5 gal soon.
    -Light I run a small, personal setup. 150 watt hps with approx 60-120 watts cfl side-supplemental, Veg cab approx 150 watts cfl.

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