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  1. Just bought my first bong off GC and I must say its the isht!!! Just got a fresh bag too so can't wait to milk that sucker when I get home. Anywyas here's mine: don't forget to post your new weapon as well!

  2. Sick piece bro.

    heres my newest addition.

  3. Newest (and only at the moment) piece is my mini bubbler, so that's my go-to haha. Named Dr. Seuss :

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  5. [​IMG]

    My current (and only) weapon of choice is my 12" SYN.
  6. id love to have that syn mini with a worked downstem/bowl!!!! is my weapon of choice.. [​IMG]
  7. Richard dawkins, psychology, critical thinking, writing lit. books. Seems like a less philosophical version of myself in some ways. LOL nice book collection, and nice syn as well. I have mostly philosophy books, novels, game theory, critical thinking, society/conspiracy, mythology, fiction, comic books.
  8. Here's my baby LW DD slide, Alex K showerhead, SYN 38mm beaker, Syn AC

    This pic is before i got the Alex K, for some reason my comp won't read my camera's SD card

  9. Sheesh, wheres the bowl?! :smoke:


    My new bong, I bought her on Tuesday, she doesn't have a name yet though.
  10. I'm planning on upgrading to a Leisure 6 arm downstem and a new slide (probably a Ben Wilson DD).
  11. g36 is one of the world's coolest looking guns.

    my weapon of choice however is a bubbler.
  12. I posted this recently, but what the hell!


    Here's a new (ish) spoon. Super thick glass!


    I love the bowl on this. Cool as hell!
  13. The best of both worlds

  14. It's a pain in the ass to clean. I dig the inline AC in your EHLE.
  15. Is that an ACR?
  16. It's a Heckler & Koch G36C.
  17. yo bro I have those sheets too!

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