post your most bizarre piece(s).

Discussion in 'General' started by coldcheese, Feb 10, 2009.

  1. there may have been a thread for this, but if so it was probably a while back because i cannot find any in the history.

    so yeah, post your most bizarre paraphernalia.

    i'd like to see how weird some of these might turn out, must be a shit load of good ones though.
  2. this isnt bizarre, but i do love my 4:20 watch! :)

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  3. hahah, that's great. i wish i had one of those.

    i know a girl who has a clock on her wall where on all the numbers it says 4:20. kind of like yours but not really.
  4. never understood that.

  5. lol yeah just stating a relation to what you said....

  6. yeahh, i know what you mean though. :)
  7. so it looks like we're the only two people on this thread...
    dead thread?

    not quite, two people strong! :)

  8. [​IMG]
  9. [ame=""]YouTube - Kool-aid man(Family guy)[/ame]
  10. so since there's really no point in talking about what the thread was supposed to be about..

    how do you like it in the 408?

  11. its home.

    was born and raised here, you?
  12. yeah same.

    well i lived in chicago for a few years, then los angeles, but this place is home to me.

    and i'm pretty happy that i was born here and not anywhere else.

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