post your minecraft builds

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  1. post pics of your minecraft builds here!  :hello:

  2. Op. We have an entire server devoted to grass city members if you are interested

    We have like 3 castles and a city there so far

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    oh wow.. don't mean to bump my own thread, but i JUST now saw this.
    @yurigadaisukida i'm sorry, i'm quite new to the site. thank you for telling me  :smoke:
  4. yw. Your a Little llate though. Our server kinda died off

    Booblady wants to start it back up. We really need more active players to make hosting a server worth it.

    If only you were here a month ago lol

  5. aw man that sucks :( 
  6. it does. Maybe by the months end server will be back tho keep an eye out for the thread

  7. i definitely will  :smoke:  
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