Post your Lil B style verse, just post a fun verse

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  1. Yo, I'm fuckin on a hot bitch
    I'm fuckin on a hot bitch
    I hope when I wake up my pubic area Don't itch!
    I'm cruisin in my car yellin out super star so when you hear my bass bumpin you gonna know who we are
    Were the dope boys on the grasscity forums, we fuck bitches, smoke ganja and fuck yo grandma till that bitch cums
    Don't give a fuck, just chillin fuck the police, dem niqqas stop the fun cause dem niqqas know they want to smoke trees
    We goin to the club with some bitches, money, and drugs walkin through the door smokin a joint and gettin hugs from the hunnies like we hefners and they all playboy bunnies


  2. Nice one there kiddo!
  3. Rap battle?

  4. yao, 5 to the fifty, bitches fuckin with me, always high so you kno im riding shifty, swag on deck, fuckin 20 bitches on set, dirty snitches get the tec, rappin like this will get me a big check
  5. its the bombay sipper
    young *****, cabbage clippa
    if shes hot, then ill tip'er
    if shes not, ill jip her
    if shes bout it, ill pimp her
    posted up, in my slippers
  6. I'm revvin my engine
    Super crazy off adrenaline
    Fucking bitches like I'm add and off my ritalin
    Smokin fine tree sippin on that juice and ginn
    Don't give a fuck and I know that I am killin it

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