Post Your Least Favorite Songs

Discussion in 'Music genres, Bands and Artists' started by spliffington, Apr 13, 2017.

  1. What songs do you hate? Whether it's a popularly loved song that you can't stand, or a song universally hated, post your least favorite songs.

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  2. LOL

    anything by this
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  3. :laughing::laughing: Did he blatantly rip Snoop's Drop it Like it's Hot beat? Some people shouldn't be musicians.
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  4. Sheeeeit...he used Tupacs beat too ..gotta find the vid dough
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  6. Yeuahh 1738!
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  8. Fuck I didn't even know who's the singer. Heard it in the Interview I guess.
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  9. Time after time by cindy lauper
    The morning after by maureen mccormick
    Angie by the rolling stones.
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  10. Kids, man. When musicians have kids, their music takes a nose dive as they rediscover organically made serotonin and dopamine for the first time in years lol
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  11. Terry Jacks' Season in the Sun.
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  12. Courtesy of the Redneck Rap thread

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  13. Bout as good as any mainstream rap. Only difference is I got a good laugh out if this.

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  14. Damn, I had no idea he had a kid.. that explains it

    Was a big fan of NSYNC and his solo stuff.

    But that vid... wow.
  15. Anything by The Chainsmokers

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