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Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by Little Wing, Jul 2, 2004.

  1. Here's one I rolled tonight with a kingsized hemp paper. There's about a gram and a half of bud in it...


    I took it at a strange angle, but it was actually significantly longer then the lighter...

  2. My 420 Blunt after 1.5 months of not smoking. It was some chronic in a peach optimo.

    Half of this burned for 40 minutes.

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  3. Heres one in the monkey.

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  4. Blunts don't count :D

    Those are some nice jays guys.
  5. Nice rolls Ludachris looks like you have it down to a science :)
  6. here's my personal biggest...its longer rather than fat. i don't roll big joints. if i have a lot of bud, i usually roll L's.

    <img src=>
  7. Weeelll...americans, you know
  8. all mine had filters in them, well a piece of a business card rolled up. only the blunt didnt have one
  9. I just rolled this one with a bit of cardboard rolled up on the end. It made it hit very nicely. I smoked it tomyself and my eyes are welded shut.

  10. i was jus wonering, cause im a newbie to joint rolling, do u guys usually close both ends of the j, or do u just do that if you wanna save it, and open one end when u gonna smoke it? cause i usually leave one end open to smoke out of, of course. and ive seen people that close both ends.

  11. When I rolled my jays I always "whip" my jays. I twist the opposite end and "whip" the jay back and forth causing the weed to pack down. If I am rolling my jay and holding onto it I temporarily twist both end and open the mouthpiece up later.
  12. ^^ the best way is to a sack and a pack of papers and just go at it. i used to roll horribly, but after doing it everyday, its rather easy rolling a j now.
  13. yeah, doesnt take long to pick up.
  14. Is there a reason people call a blunt an L?
  15. An 'L' here would probably mean an L-skin, which is the method of joining two papers in a L shape to get a bigger joint.
  16. I hate the term "L" if I have more bud Ill roll a blunt :) "L" doesnt roll of your toungue like "J" does.

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