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  1. Damn, we have the same shitty ass ISP. How many times per day does it make you want to hurt someone/it? I'd say atleast 6. Especially since everytime we get a call it fucking disconnects me. DSL my ass.

  2. Meh.
    EDIT: Shit now that I look at it I think I actually have a good connection?
  3. Dude yes. Please stick with comcast. I had that shit for years and never had problems. Mother decided to get a cheaper internet that would be "just the same". She is paying so I have to shut my mouth but god damn it sucks.
  4. [​IMG]

    works for me, it's a hell of a stepup from dialups 14KB per second, and that was at peak performance, it was usually around 7.
  5. Show me actual download speeds and I will believe that. Comcast throttles their bandwidth like no other. Speed test's are garbage, if the server your trying to pull information from has 800 other connections or is old and slow your never going to see even a sliver of your "30mbps."

    I recommend a provider that doesn't deep packet inspect your internet traffic and one that you can actually download at your download speed.

    If you have comcast screen shot you downloading files that amount to over 3mbps and I will give you my left pinky.
  6. Calm down. All I was saying was that I never had problems with them and that their internet was faster then what I have now.
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    I think the reason my internet speed is so high (lol) is because of the router I have. I won't say how I got it but it was the most expensive one I could find. I'll run upstairs and check the model of it.

    EDIT: It's the WRT320N.
  8. Royksopp
    Sorry Royksopp, that wasn't directed at you. Comcast has screwed with me soooo many times. Call a tech out to look at my shit, download speeds jump up to 1.5mbps, once he leaves drop back down to 100kbs or less. Maybe I downloaded too many torrants(vary rare for me) but the night and day difference in my connection when the tech came to my house pissed me the fuck off!
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    That is fucked up! Comcast is still the best in my region though. We have Bellsouth(DickSuckingLips), Clearwire(sucks worse), and Comcast.

  10. I will take the face as a compliment! But yes I use the WRT320N and am very happy with it.

  11. That router didn't get very favorable reviews, the first Linksys wireless N. They have to work the kinks out still.
  12. [​IMG]

    Works good enough for me.

  13. Damn yours is slower than mine. This isn't my house I'm staying at right now, I have comcast ;):wave::devious::p
  14. Reviews
    They don't seem that bad. My router is in my room, and when I'm in the basement surrounded by concrete walls I still get full signal strength. It's running my laptop, sisters laptop, dads laptop, and my desktop. I would say it's a nifty little device. But I also just saw how cheap it is now in google shopping, like 40 something bucks. Great deal, seeing as how it was over $100 at the time I got it.
  15. wow my shit is super slow


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