Post your "havin' fun" pics here!

Discussion in 'General' started by TooSicKs, Apr 6, 2003.

  1. Hey hey, sup all?
    I kno some of you out there get out and do your thang, and i wanna see some pics of your weed inspired activities. I bike all kinds and when i get lifted it just helps me flow and groove, i can feel every movement, react to terrain and bike, and i just love pullin a bunch of big bong rips and getting in the zone. When I ride high i'm at my best.

    My camera's pretty shitty but here's an animated gif of a fun lil move on a grindbox down the skatepark

    Here's mine, i'm jus doin' what i do.

    I can't post as a pic so here's a link, this should work, i hope,,,

    So post some pics of you all doin your thang n shizz, i wanna see what kind of rizzly shizz the herb inspires you to do.

  2. Page not found, try link again.
    edit: oh snap bumped a 5 yr old thread..
  3. lolz...:D
  4. Bump Bump Bump
  5. Haha. Funny shit going on here.

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