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  1. Everyone has their own weed slang... it evolves over time and there are some real gems out there.

    You might not understand my terms but hey, its why its our lingo.

    BREACH: My friends and I came up with a term called "Breach of etiquette" or just "breach"... hence my user name. A breach is when someone fucks up a rotation, is leeching weed, screws you on a deal, etc... just call that person out like "dude thats a fuckin breach, pass the blunt."

    Everyone knows that smoking is about being chill, peaceful, and friendly. When newbies come in and display naiveness, its not a big deal... its the veterans that continue to breach that irritate me. A breach can be a major killjoy when you're trying to blaze.

    ICHIRO: Ichiro is when you are taking first greens. Ichiro Suzuki is one of the best leadoff hitters in baseball, and weed is no different. Whoever takes the "first at-bat" is the Ichiro.

    KIRK GIBSON: Kirk Gibson had one of the most legendary pinch-hits in all of baseball when he came up big for the Dodgers back in some 80's playoff game, forgot what the exact premise was. Anyways, a Kirk Gibson is when you step in a rotation mid-bowl. This is sometimes considered a breach but its usually ok.

    NO COMPOSURE: Very, very high. "Do you have composure right now?" "not at all... im baked as fuck"

    SCAVENGING: When you can't find a pickup... there are times when you've called all your dealers but the town is basically just dry. Scavenging can either be the act desperately trying to acquire bud, or going to unusual measures to get high. "Dude I've been scavenging for two hours now, no luck..." "Its cool man I'll scavenge some scraps from my last bag, should be about a bowls worth"

    Post your own!
  2. breach is pretty good. That works, I could see myself saying it.
  3. ey hit that shit!:hello:means hit that shit its all good :cool:
  4. We use the word doritos for weed. "You guys wanna go eat some doritos? or Yo can I pick up some doritos" doesn't sound to suspicious when in a public area or talking on a phone.
  5. BLT- A party to get fucked up at.(Buds.Liquor,Titties im sure u can figure it out)

    Sticky Stars- Really good dank buds..:bongin:

    Chrondizzles- The unicorn of weed in my area.(Salida,CO). it smells like skunk and blueberries.there are like THC crystals on there it's completely unreal.i'll post pictures the next time i get some.

    BB Gun-a "rod" of chronic ( we fit isome a BB gun and smoked out of it somehow.)
  6. i dont got no like uniqe terms in my town but i went to vermont last year and i couldent help but laugh at their termonology when they get madd high they call it being shark bait their like yea bro im sharked i was like wtf
  7. yo man.

    me and my friends refer to gettin high as watching a movie so like right in front of like our parents and shit we will just be like hey man lets go watch a movie. hahaha. and we refer to being high as being creative like man i am so creative now but tahts only if like parents or somethin are around.
  8. Headies, Crucial, Shmoga, Kill, Super Dank, Shnugglets, Nugget, Nug, Funk
  9. My friends and I were camping and making s'mores and we started calling our weed marshmallows. ex: "I'm gonna go roast a marshmallow, wanna come?"
  10. hahaha we have some stupid stuff like, one night im talking to my friend on aim and he goes, hey so you still hooked on phonics? and it took me a second but i got it and it was sfunny. means "are you still high" for people who didnt get it o.o. also we came up with "hows the weather today". me and a couple of my friends who dont smoke we were talking and i was like , thats our new code if you wanna ask if someones high lol. so it goes "hey man, hows the weather today?" "its beautiful man" if you're baked and "haven't been out yet dude" if you're sober ;]
  11. I say Johnny Cashed when its Cashed.
  12. Well we say "make" or "eat a sandwich," like: "hey wanna go eat some sandwiches."
    now for being high/smoking: jerf/jerfed, chief, toke, load one/loaded, ripped, polluted, stoney baloney
    weed: ganj/a, kaya, bud, green, weed, dank, herb

    idk, typical slang
  13. we use the same definition as breach, except we call it a violation loll
    when im high, i call it zooted . but if im completely stoned i say im toaster strouddled
  14. Sometimes when I'm smoking with my buddy we don't talk and just 'power toke' our bowl.

    Its always gone really quickly and we end up real talking just hit pass exhale hit pass exhale
  15. It's nothing too big, but when my best friend, Ben, and I talk about bud out in public, we call it "potatoes". Sometimes we "baked potatoes", "harvest potatoes". And it was coincidental that the first three letters were P-O-T.
  16. That's great... we used to do the same thing in high school, except with PS2 terms

    Games = weed
    controllers = pipe

    So we used to yell through the hallways, "hey man you want to play some PS2 after school? I just bought some new games!!" "sure man I'll bring my controller, we can play all night" :D

    Of course nowadays it would have to be updated to xbox 360 or something :(
  17. breach is good, i could really see myself saying that too

    Roller's Right: Well, with us it's always roller's rights.. whoever rolls get to light it up and have the first few tokes.

    Poke: 2nd person in rotation.

    Greed: When somone in rotation hogs the joint

    that's all i can think of atm
  18. "Marihuana"
  19. im jewish and i live in a predominantly jewish community. literally anywhere u go, u might kno or recognize someone jewish, and they love ratting each other out. whenever me and my friends wanna get high, we call it "Daniel Neumire". It sounds like the name of a nice young jewish boy.

    "Hey mom, im going over to hang out with my friend, Daniel Neumire"

    It spread so much throughout my school, the yearbook commity put a page about it in the yearbook, i was so proud cause it was me and my best friend that originally came up with it.
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    When I'm on the phone and trying to hook up with weed I always pretend to be calling ticketmaster and looking for green day tickets. Or I ask my friend if he knows anyone who has any extra tickets for the green day show. Or I keep calling him and asking him if he bothered to call the ticketmaster yet.

    "Hey, I just got back from Ticketmaster with your tickets. Do you want to come get them?"
    "How are the tickets? Are they pretty good?"
    "Dude, these tickets are awesome. You're going to love them."



    At work some of my friends like to call it a "safety meeting". It sounds funny, but what does that mean?

    I like to call it a 'memory aid'. The joke is in the irony. The only thing it helps me remember is how much I love smoking weed.

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