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Post Your Green

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Alaskaninja89, Aug 28, 2008.

  1. I want to compare what my Green looks like to other states.


    -AK Ninja
  2. thats a nice jar
    is it just me or is there some moldy looking shit on ur weed
  3. y do u have two nugs of dank in that jar with all the other shit?
  4. What do you mean "other shit".All I see is buds in the jar.The two green buds look pretty good,they may not have been cured too long.The other buds look okay also,they just looked like ther were cured for a long time.I would guess 6 months or so.

    When you cure your Marijuana you realease chlorophyll.Chloropyhll contributes to Marijuana's green color.When you realese that chlorophyl the color deminishes and the tastes and smells get enhanced.
  5. you got mold on your nuggetry fool
  6. i thought that too dude
  7. haha. thats not cool if that is in fact mold.
  8. well. here is my green. AMAZING! (Ultra haze)
  9. Both look dank. :D
  10. Are you blind? Theres like two nugs of some dank and the rest looks like low mids.

  11. Are you blind,or can you just not read?

    Hey op take some nugs out of the jar and snap a few shots.It doesnt look like mold to me,just glare from the glass thats all.
  12. Dude i see mold too and it certainly isn't the camera. you need to get that shit seperated quick.
  13. ever since lebowski posted a pic of mold everyone is going fucking mold crazy, do you know the odds of there being mold on those low of mids? Seriously.
  14. I see a lot of brown that should be in a bag and not in a jar.

    You want Dank in a jar.

    Jack Herer



    Lemon G

    Sour Diesel

    Just a bit of what I've had over the summer.

  15. Mold can grow on any Marijuana.Be it mids or dank.It can even grow on brick.Surprising huh?

    I now see what looks alittle like mold but it might not be.It looks alittle like trichomes but not really.Maybe it was sieved?I am not seeing the bulbous heads on the glands of the trichomes.

    Just looks like trichomes to me though.The dude above me must have mold on his dank also if thats mold on the OP's bud.
  16. I don't consider myself mold crazy. I'm just looking out for my fellow man. I wouldn't want my entire stash to catch some kind of crazy shit. Would you?
  17. dude im in MD too and i wanna know where you get that shit! we rarely get good shit here and baltimore is only an hour away.

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