Post Your Gc Color Preference

Discussion in 'General' started by llllllllll, Jun 12, 2013.

  1. Here is my personal favorite of the options I explored
    Just seems fitting.

  2. Mine is purple.
  3. Mine is the default green.
    I ain't got time to be playing Martha Stewart up in this bitch.
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    rather partial to seafoam green. or neon green..
  5. How do you change it?
  6. I knew it could be done, but it never occurred to me to mess with it. But now I'm just sitting here, stoned, hitting refresh, because I couldn't figure it out and now I want to know...
  7. The little color box to the right of "Chill Out Zone" along the white forum user-bar near the top of the page. Click it for a rainbow at your fingertips.
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    I went with a nice deep green.  I liked the colors of the old forum format and this is as close as it gets
    I'd post a screenshot but its exactly the same color as OP's
  10. Mine too no wai

  11. Purple Posse Master race reporting in  :bongin:
  12. Currently rocking diarrhea brown
  13. See im not so sure I could use the vibrant purple, the brown is alright but I looked around at colors for a while and this green kept fresh in my mind
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  15. Had no idea you could do that...
    Hold on...
  16. fuckin neon green. Trust me.
  17. i just use the default colour, but the white is a bit bright and i cant figure out how to change it, i downloaded stylebot but i cant figure it out
  18. Anything but flashy colours.

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