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  1. Hey GC, I was just sitting at my campfire smokin a joint, and began thinking about when I met the most popular member of my crew, marijuana. I figured everyone could come on here and reminiss about their first time smoking it, and maybe we'll get a few laughs :p. Sorry if this was done, at this point in time I am too lazy to search through the forums. Anyway, here I go.

    for my first time, my buddy came over with a little bag of a gram rolled into three joints. We waited till his parents left, and went to his back alley to blaze. We ended up smoking like all three joints, (we didn't know it was real good chronic...well..we didn't even know what good chronic was at that point lol), and didn't feel anything. We got pissed off and decided to walk to the shell (local gas station), and by the time we got there my legs were like so numb. Once we got there we couldn't remember what the hell we came for, and we all got such a rank body stone we like sat in the subway seats staring at shit for like 15 mins. Then we walked around the store trying to decide what to buy, and left without anything. We walk back to his house and on the way get RANK cottonmouth, so I drank like 12 cans of his root beer :D. Then we ended up playing guitar for like three hours, and were convinced we were doing SO good. His mom ended up coming down and asking us wtf we were trying to play, and said we sounded like shit haha. After that we started to chill out, and I think I passed out for like an hour.

    Later that day we went and got more, and smoked like another gram sess but out of his bigger brothers pipe (foot long sherlock). Buddies were still stoned so I ended up smoking most of that gram, and got SO high. We were like walking around town, and like people would wave at us and say hi we just wouldn't give a fuck and keep walkin haha. Then I went home and was so convinced my parents would smell pot that I drenched myself in body spray, and booked it to the shower. After I was convinced I didn't smell, I went to the t.v. and watched what was at the time one of my favourite t.v. shows (haha I was like 15) called clone high. I laughed my ass off at it.

    After that, I am who I am today :D:D

    So keep this goin GC, post your first time story on here and get a few chuckles, and a few good memories.

    Happy tokin

  2. I kinda remember my first time. I was 14 and really drunk at one of my best mate's party. There was me and 3 other chicks there, they were all around 18. We just drank for a while and then a group of like 4 or 5 other people turned up. We were sitting at the dining table and I got handed a joint and was told to smoke it. First few hits I wasted cause I didn't know how to inhale, then I got the hang of it. After that, I remember just sitting there so wasted listening to the music and time was going by sooo slow. Ended up crashing on the couch, was pretty good
  3. the first time i stoned was at my friends house out of the nastiest most resafied apple pipe. it really was honestly fucking horrifying. but yea i got super stoned after 3 bowls and then played mario kart for like 25 minutes then passed out. GOOD TIMES:devious:
  4. A long time a green room far, far away...

    Prolly some decent mids(I think, like we had a fucking clue back then). Was my friends birthday that day. Smoked a couple of buds out of the classic aluminum can bong.

    Then we destroyed a box of ice cream bars while watching a cheesy 80's horror movie and laughed our asses off. Overall, a really good "first time" experience.

    It's weird, because I happen to know the exact date it was, which is kind of cool to be able to celebrate your weed "anniversary". Kind of nice it falls on a Saturday this year...:smoke:

  5. Haha that's cool man. I wish I remembered the date I met marijuana. But every April 20th I take the hour drive back to buddies house where we first got baked, always throw a sweet like 40 person 420 party :D
  6. I just remembered, my first time high was actually on halloween, smoked like 5 bowls in an alleyway out of a can and then went super high trick or treating, It was sweet. Got heaps of lollies and some beer lol, ate sooooo much after we got back
  7. first time i ever smoked was sophomore year with a couple of my old friends. it was the middle of winter in ohio, and we went in his front yard and smoked some schwag out of a soda can behind a tree. i didn't even get high; nor did i the first few times i smoked marijuana. either way, it was still a fun time :D
  8. well my first time tryin mary jane was when i was a enior in high school...k went to my friends apartment and a girl i worked wit brought over 3 gs o some good mids...we sat there and smoked bowl affter bowl for about 2 hours straight and after the 3rd bowl i was feeling a little fnny, then 5 minutes later i was stoned as shit with horrible cotton mouth...i then proceeded to drink an entire box of capri suns, and then i started to laugh...and got to the point where i was just twitching making no noise because i couldnt breath from laughing so hard...i then said the words my friends still quote to this day "why is everything so damn funny!!!"...we then went to dunkin donuts where i got 3 egg and chees croissants :) and headed back to their and my one friend started playing madden on xbox and he handed me a controller that flashed bright colored lights and i stareed at the controllr instead of plaing for a good 20 minutes while he ran up the score, and then passed was quite an amazing night and here i am 3 years later tokin it daily because it is one of the greatest things around :smoke:
  9. First time really getting HIGH was when i was in 9th grade. Only thing I remember is saying, "Im not feeling it", after looking down and noticing I ate a whole bag of chips to myself.
  10. fucking...classic. LOL
  11. my first experience was a very bad one. here it is :

    Me and my friend went into the woods and smoked. he was experienced and this was my first time. we smoked probably 3 bowls and walked home. as im walking, i didnt notice any effects yet because i wasnt really thinking about it. as im walking on the sidewalk, i look at my feet, i lose feeling in them and i think hmm this is cool its like im a robot. i also had A LOT of deja vu. it seemed like i was walking on a sidewalk treadmill. felt like i kept walking in the same spot. i ignored it for a few seconds but then i snapped back into reality and felt very very scared of it. it felt a dream, or like i died and this was an alternate reality. my friend asked me what was wrong but i couldnt understand him for some reason. i just asked him 'what?'. and he kept repeating himself but i couldnt understand because i was so scared. we were passing an orange car, and i looked away and back at it a few times and it seemed like i kept passing it over and over. so this freaked me out and i ran for a few seconds to make sure i got away from that time loop. my friend asked me what was wrong and i was just like nothing... so we arrived at my house and went into my room. my friend was sitting there watching TV and the whole time i was pacing the floors scared to death. my heart was pounding soo hard. i felt like i was dying. all i wanted to do was sleep. so i kicked my friend out and fell asleep the second i layed down. i woke up 2 hours later and was happy it was over.

    i love weed now though.
  12. Well the first time I actually got "high" was about my fifth time smoking. I got some supposed "haze" from my dude and rolled it up into a small pinner. Smoked the j to myself in my room. I was getting pissed as hell cause I've never gotten high before. Not long after I smoked it, I started feeling tension in my cheek muscles. I was freaking out a little bit cause I didn't know what this feeling was. It was like I couldn't stop smiling cause my face muscles tensed up. The munchie factor was really good with this weed, so I went to make a PB&J. As I was making it, I went to grab some chips, and totally tripped out. My hand was moving so slow as I went into the chip bag. I was on repeat at this point, just grabbing chip after chip, like I couldn't control my body. At this point, I realized I was high :smoking:
  13. The first time I got high was the third time I smoked. I was in grade 10 and was 15. I was at a friends house and there was like 6 people there and like 5 or 6 fat joints. we went to the local elementary school at like 11ish and stood by the front door where there was a light. So we started smoking and every hit I took made me choke like a motherfucker but I kept smoking.

    We decided to move down to some rocks by the courts at the school and I remember looking up at the sky and thinking man this stuff is good because the stars were like twinkling like a motherfucker. So we kept on smoking and at one point I was like man Im fuckin high and declined to smoke anymore. Thats when I really started tripping.

    I remember thinking I was in a completely differnt universe from my friends. Nothing they were saying was making sense and sounded like they were saying the same thing over and over again and it kept getting louder, so I started freaking out. So one of my friends started trying to talk to me and my responses were about as good as Raoul Duke checking into that hotel on acid.

    Anyway I stood there high as fuck when a car started creeping into the parking lot and slowly was moving in on us. So I dont know who yelled it because I couldnt make out sounds verywell anyway but I think someone yelled cops and everyone started booking it. So me high out of my fuckin mind just ran following the rest of them through a fuckin snowy field.

    We get back to his house and I remember sitting down in one spot and didnt move for a fuckin long time. I kept chucking my cell from one hand to the other and it felt like the phone was going throough the air for like 5 seconds each time even though it was probably less than 1 second. I felt like I was sinking into the floor. Eventually I ate some pizza they ordered and spilt a large jug of juice and cleaned it up then went to sleep.

    Definitly was more intense than I was looking for at the time but now I wish I could get to that level of high lol.
  14. I was 14, for a week or so me and a friend wanted to try it, he knew his dad smoked and he talked him into giving him a joint so he could try, his das is a cool guy he understood it was better for us to learn what it was with him instead of having us run the streets looking for pot (would've been hard back then i knew nobody :p) so we smoked and i never felt it, we tried each weed for a month, it never worked, we had given up when my cousin came to visit, he had some and told me he'd show me how, he noticed i didn't inhale (i didn't know!!!) he told me how and it was the first of MANY highs :p
  15. I don't remember the first time I smoked, all I know about it was that I was talking to my friends dog about PB&J sandwichs.
  16. My first time was at an empty friend's house who had left to visit family for the holidays.
    So pretty much we just had his house all to ourselves except for 2 cats.
    Being high was nothing like I had imagined it to be, and I can honestly say that was the most blazed I had ever felt. We smoked out of a foil pipe since no one had a bowl handy.

    Friend of mine who wasn't smoking was singing "puff the magic dragon" while playing guitar on the bed while we sat in a circle on the ground. Everyone was getting high and I thought I wouldn't , but it was a creeper and it hit me HARD later. XD

    I was freaked out to walk, the cats looked weird as hell, I felt like all of my clothes were touching me too much. Hahaha. At one point another friend of mine was shining a flashlight at me and I thought it was burning me.

    First there was a little jam session where two of the people with us were just messing with guitars, where I was tripping out on the couch petting cats. We got up and went outside in freezing cold December and got into a fucking HOT TUB in the middle of the night. Which blew my mind completely.

    We somehow ended up at kroger later and two of my friends who could compose themselves better went out and bought a freakin' box of donuts, jellybeans, apples, grape and orange soda and a lot of other crap I can't remember. The friend I was in the car with drew a picture with the condensation on the window which made us laugh for a long ass time.

    We got back to the house, watched south park and ate so much freaking junk food.
    I thought I was living in another dimension for most of the time and ended up passing out on a couch and woke up the happiest mother fucker in town.

    All in all probably the best night of my life. XD
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    the first time i smo0ked nothing happened for the first 5 minutes, then as i was staring at a fence, all of a sudden i was fucking dreaming lol, not exhaggerating at all i was literally in a dreamstate almost unconcious but i was awake, just dreamin, I would faze off into another dimension, then wake up in complete awareness. My friend had like an eight of bud and so me and another friend went to go smoke that shit. it wasnt even dried or cured, we smoked it green and fresh so im surprised right now how amazingly stoned i got. it was awesome we were walking through a wierd landscape filled with crevices and mounds. It looked like the shire from that movie. I was jumping and it felt like i was going like 20 feet up lol.

    my brain felt like an orgasm.

    i was talking to my friends brother, trying to answer a question, my qords slurrede, i hallucinated the words i was saying coming aout of my mouth, then swirl into a vortex, as they went into the vortex they were lost forever and i couldnt remember what they were because... well they were in the vortex.

    its wierd back in those days, me and all of my friends would think of weed as a magical mystical substance that was extremely hard to get haha. how knavish.
  18. well the first couple times is smoked was out of a ROOR and it was some dank o.g. kush. I didnt know how fucking lucky i was and i didnt even get high the first time. we always smoked outside at night and the second time i did it i didnt really feel mutch, except when went inside and played computer i felt like i was trapped in the screen and it was a videogame. then i couldnt stop smiling and it was all uphill from there

  19. lmao I love that line "my brain felt like an orgasm" :D:D:D Perfectly put my friend
  20. I was smoking a homemade bong in my friends backyard. I had smoked ten or so times before this, but I didn't get high. So I figured I wouldn't really get high, and just kept smoking. About ten minutes later I stand up from the swing I was sitting on and Instantly noticed I was messed up. I stumbled over to his patio and sat with all of my friends around a table. It was the highest I have ever been, and I can only describe it as "my body being on autopilot". My heart was beating REALLY hard and fast, but I just let it rock and sat back. Whenever I moved a hand it seemed like it wasn't really my hand moving, its hard to put to words. But yes, I was certainly blasted. :D

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