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Post your first experience wit MJ

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by zonerr, Oct 18, 2003.

  1. My first experience was when I was 14 or 15! I came home from hanging with my buddys one Saturday night Late! My sister and her boyfriend and my older brother were there playing cards! They asked me to play so i figured what the hell! We were playing for a while and somebody brought out a joint!(for the life of me i can't remember just who it was! Well we smoked it and then started playing cards again and i felt just fine for about as long as it took me to smoke a ciggarett! Then all hell broke loose in my head! I was playing cards when I lost all controll of my neck!BANG!!! My head hit the table! But beeing the trooper I managed to lift it back up in time to see my sis and bro laughing their ass off! Just when I thought I was doing good again! BANG!! My head hits again! Just about then my sis and bro thought it was time to help me to bed!!!!

    My first high to me felt like the most pure, for lack of a better word, trip to me! And I will never forget it! Now my sis is married with kids and so am I But we will always get high together!!!!!
  2. i was 13, sumone had bought like a nick or regs...and i was liek all funny at first but i knew by the end of the night i would have tried it i took one hit, and it was soo smooth, i liked it much better than cigarettes. so that same day i quit smoking, and took up cannibis. great day, i really dont know why for soem people its a REALLY big deal to start. i had to smoke like 3 times before i acually felt anything...
  3. i was 13, it was right before i was going to ft. lauderdale flordia on vacation , i decided to take my boy bobby with us and he happened to have this homemade pipe, took 3 hits and i was gone. All i remember is walking around town with him and he kept on sayin i cant take you home like this your dad will kill i played it off in front of my dad, and on that vacation i smoked many more times and got to meet and have some "fun" with some girls that stayed at our resort, damn if i only could go back to the old days. *sigh*
  4. About 16yrs old. Was determined to drink my ass off at a buddy's house. Neighborhood stoner came by, asked if I'd like to smoke, I politely refused. Got some alcohol in me, he asked me again, I was hesitant but refused. More alcohol..I thought about it, said what the hell. He used a cigar we had to roll a blunt, took a couple puffs.

    Didn't get high, but it's the point that counts.

    After that experience, I decided to get into weed. Found out that a friend of mine smoked (but never told me). Smoked with him a few times when I stayed over his house. Took me about 3 times until I got high :( but when I finally did it was a blast. I wasn't crazy stoned, just comfortably stoned. Played video games and killed a half dozen personal pizzas.

    First time I got fucked up, it was probably my 3rd time being high. It was my first encounter w/ a bong. (first time smoking after school, as opposed to night time on a weekend). Hit the bong a buncha times because it was so easy (and they were nice to me b/c it was my first time smoking with this certain group of buddies). Crazy. I was just thinking of crazy stuff, felt like my life was a video game. Went cruising around w/ the radio at 10000000 db's. MMMMMM good times.

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