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Discussion in 'Politics' started by cball, Aug 18, 2011.

  1. This deserves it own post

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    Probably not. That was a side office. Really good retort though.
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    Thank You
  4. Yeah. alright. It seemed as relevant as his comment speculating on the behavior of some other President not related to the situation at hand. I will just consider him GC's little Kenneth Starr. He can put his nose into All The President's Erogenous Zones.
  5. All's fair in love and war
    Except we all really do love one another here in the City
    I truly believe that
  6. AW rides the middle of the fence and is a Great dude
    never deserve to be bad mouth
    Me on the other hand LOL
  7. Back to the memes
  8. 13669025_10154048754623381_3237964157623587578_n.jpg

    Old Gold.
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  9. He must be doing it right
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  10. Ever notice how the ones who keep their books to themselves are the peaceful ones?

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