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Discussion in 'Politics' started by cball, Aug 18, 2011.

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  2. Yeah definitely not a dramatization of what happened and the real story. I bet you think zero dark thirty was an accurate movie as well. You can't rely on Hollywood to retell any historical story accurately because reality isn't that sexy, especially someone like Michael Bay who's made a career of blowing shit up.
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    It most likely has way more Truth to the story than The tales that Hillary has been spinning.
    Hurt much?
  4. You act like I like Hillary haha. I would take her over pretty much anyone on the republican side maybe short of Rand Paul but it would be like choosing gonorrhea over AIDS. I wouldn't be excited about the choice but I'm pretty confident it would be better in the long run. It's pretty obvious Hilary is a liar and a shrewd politician but this notion that Benghazi is a big deal seems kind of wonky to me. It was an attack on our embassy it's not like HRC orchestrated it. She lied about it to help save face during an election, but is that really surprising coming from a politician. Either party would do the same thing because that's the nature of a political system which is based on perception and not fact.
  5. the idea of Hillary over trump? Or anyone on the Republican side?



    No really you are joking right? Its like voting for fire over fire. Wait. Is that a thing?

  6. Would you like a left hook by a professional southpaw or a right hook by a professional orthodox?
  7. I still stand by my analogy. Either way it's gonna burn but one might have the chance of killing me.
  8. I do agree it was pretty stupid of Trump to let Sarah Palin on that stage
  9. I disagree. Conservatives and hard core right wingers (which make up a huge part of this country, like it or don't) love Sarah. The media is vastly liberal so they demonize anyone on the right, especially people like her and trump and since shit talking them and slander is all you get to see males it appear that everyone agress and that the leftist narrative is the majority. In reality that is not the case. There are just as many right wingers who love them. They just get no media attention.
  10. Well this is true it's also pretty scarey. She is the definition of an idiot. Most everything that comes out of here mouth is batshit crazy and completely non sequitur. It's amazing that her endorsement is seen as a good thing.
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    Rand Paul is doing an AMA now :


    Him and The Bern Man should do a debate.

    GC should be thoroughly wet from this, so many gold responses from Rand.

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  13. It really chaps my ass that he was impeached for lying about a bj but we couldn't impeach bush or Obama for their war crimes, crimes against humanity, and all the other unconstitutional crimes in their huge mountain of transgressions.
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