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  1. There is nothing proprietary about hemp.
  2. Production cost and lead time are high priority too.

    I guess in Hearst's case , it was easier to just chop down a bunch of already abundant trees than to have to wait for hemp to grow. Add that and the fact that his newspaper chain, the biggest in America at the time, were some of the first to use yellow journalism to persuade people into thinking marijuana is the devils weed , then maybe you get a more of an outlook on how the timber industry played a role in MJ prohibition . Oh and let's not forget DuPont and Hearst both being in bed with Andrew Mellon , former Secretary of Treasury , who then appointed his own nephew , Harry Anslinger , to be head of the then newly formed Federal Narcotics Bureau .

    And now more memes:

  3. [​IMG]

    the ruling class has us
  4. You should check out Mr Robot on USA. It's all about fighting back against massive corporations with cyber warfare. I think you would definitely like it.
  5. This is amazing haha, so fucking accurate. I won't even read anything anymore unless it comes from a well respected source that deals solely in science. Even popular science magazines can blow shit out of proportion but at least they provide references for their claims.
  6. Haven't done an audit on the math but ....


  7. <blockquote class='ipsBlockquote' >
    As for 'taking sides' - the choice, it seems to me, is no longer between two users of violence, two systems of dictatorship.
    Violence and dictatorship cannot produce peace and liberty; they can only produce the results of violence and dictatorship,
    results with which history has made us only too sickeningly familiar. The choice now is between militarism and pacifism.
    To me, the necessity of pacifism seems absolutely clear.

    -Aldous Huxley

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  10. I'm pretty sure his cart should have gold rims... just sayin'
  11. And a servant holding the stick while the monopoly man wipes his ass with rubys
  12. well we have 300 million people and 242 million are tax payers? I highly doubt that! There is 242 million adults, somewhere around 100 million tax payers. still its only 100 bucks. ....although anyone who thinks the 80 billion for education is accurate and will not go up is sadly mistaken. What do we think will happened to all the trillions of debt from existing school loans will go? College debt is now higher than mortgage debt and as toxic as the housing bubble that nearly collapsed the world economy. We all know nothing is free and we should all also know that when the government makes something free it actually means the price is going to absolutely sky rocket! Im not saying id rather have my money stolen for war rather than collage, im saying I don't want to have my money stolen. Besides with this entitlement mentality we already have as a nation fueled further by so called intellectual advancements is a recipe for disaster imo.
    Like the saying goes only a intellectual can believe this bullshit!
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