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Discussion in 'Politics' started by cball, Aug 18, 2011.

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  1. I'm beginning to doubt you know what the word 'political' means . . . . .
  2. It's "political" because the "vegetarian" was educated by the state-funded schools..


    (Also, regulars in this thread can post whatever meme they want :p)
  3. Laos, my posts are starting to confuse me because of my new avatar. I feel dumb every time it happens, and it happens every time I post..
    Pretty cool.
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  6. \t<span>"The loss of life has been heartbreaking, especially in Alabama (Pakistan, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Libya, etc). In a matter of hours these deadly tornadoes (drones), some of the worst that we've seen in decades, took mothers and fathers, sons and daughters, friends and neighbors, even entire communities. Others are injured and some are still missing and in many places the damages to homes and businesses is nothing short of catastrophic."</span> 
  7. Just... No. I could care less about what our now distant ancestors did. Things have changed and they haven't been slaves for a very long time. This is just simply a very poor excuse for being lazy.
  8. can we rate this thread at 5 stars. I wanna see everyone give a 5 star rating to this thread.
  9. Income tax is slavery.
  10. Charles Bukowski :cool:
  11. Yep, we're all tax slaves. Guess that means we all have the right to be lazy as a form of civil disobedience. Just because their ancestors were forced to come here doesn't mean they can't leave now.

  13. ^ Right on Limecat. :bongin:  I wish more people would watch and understand that.
  14. I've been waiting for you to change to 'limecat' lmao.
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    ... the being lazy part was a joke.
    p.s. 150 years ago is not very distant, haha. cultural lags exist for a reason
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    And what African American today has been enslaved? .... Hmmm. Yeah there's just no excuse dude. Just because your great grandfather was a slave doesn't mean you get a free pass to just chill and not do shit. Ridiculous. 
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