Post your favorite flavor of Ben and Jerrys Ice Cream!

Discussion in 'The Great Indoors' started by justebeats, Sep 12, 2009.

  1. IMO..ben/jerrys is the ultimate stoner ice cream..

    so many to choose from but my favorite is Yellow Brickle Road...peanut butter cookie dough,toffe pieces,vanilla/chocolate ice cream mixed 2gether

    but they key lime pie is delicious too...

    yea i could go on and on..but post up ur faves!
  2. oh god... Im not sure, maybe Magic Brownie :smoke:
  3. the peanut butter one
  4. Cake batter
  5. Cherry Garcia.
  6. late night snack or cherry garcia.
  7. Clusterfluff
  8. there's only like.. 6 ben and jerry flavours in europe

    I wanna go back to the US again and eat the peanut butter one again
  9. Milk and Cookies, it's the best! Used to be Chubby Hubby until this one came out. I also am enjoying the Jimmy Fallon Late Night Snack flavor as well. It has caramel covered potato chips covered in chocolate, it may sound bad but it's amazing.
  10. I like the Steven Colbert and Jimmy Fallon ones the best.
  11. half baked, stephen colberts (americone dream), new york super fudge... and yea that jimmy fallon late night snack with the potato chips is fuckin delicious
  12. I saw this as the preview of the 'Lifestyle' forums, so I assumed the thread title belonged to the 'Sex, Love and Relationships' sub-forum. I thought the thread title was going to be "Post your favorite flavor of pussy." Im disappointed.


  13. b& j;s iz makin me fat...i have a pint in the freezer now i intend on eating b4 i fall asleep
  14. Cherry Garcia
  15. Cherry Garcia and Creme Brule.
  16. Phish food all day, ben and jerrys is the shit. Hell ya bjs
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    My favourite was (Fossil Fuel).
    Which of course was discontinued in The Netherlands for some strange and totally incomprehensible reason,soon after i discovered it. :( 
    The graveyard-bit seems a little sadistic too in my mind , :eek: has Ben&Jerry's been taken over by Disney or something? :rolleyes: :D

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