Post your extreme fetish'

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  1. Who has the most extreme fetish!

    My fetish would be to tie up and have sex with an 18 year old 5 foot, anorexic, white girll, virgin, emo girl with snake bites and tongue peircings and tattoos who wanted me to just keep her locked up for a few days as a fuck pet aha!.

    not that extreme but kinky

    now whats yours?

  2. Oh shit bro! That sounds hot!!!!!
  3. Why did I think this said "Post your extreme flesh"...
  4. If you dont make the "Post your extreme flesh" thread i will! aha :p :hello:
  5. With my last gf, i licked her ass and armpits religiously. Asked her to pretend she was getting raped a few times. Ah yes the good ole days:)
  6. Ill lick my gf's clean ass but not armpits eeewwww
  7. Shes a natural hairless BTW I love how you wrote ewww for licking armpits and yay fer lickin assholes. ohhh the irony lol
  8. Licking armpits lol how does that taste.

    My only fetish really is milfs. I want to fuck a sexy 40 year old mmm mmm

  9. But one of em is a really good fuck hole.
  10. I kno man lol it's all good I'm just messing with u ...i personally wouldn't do it ....u do u I kno it's not that bad if I lick ass I'm sure I can do the pits I just wouldn't

    Plur n be safe
  11. Leather/Latex/PVC/Domantrix type of shit I think it's hot as fuck!

  12. That's exactly what I thought it said! hahaha.
  13. ill lick a clean freshly showered ass.

    armpits are another story, just cause a) ithink i would end up tiickling her b) id already be laughing

    fetish and or fantasies.....i dono right now, ill edit when i think of stuff i havent already gotten to act out with my gf. i love when she wears her school girl outfit we bought lol. but thats just fun dress up :) ....harmless
  14. I wouldn't call this extreme, but my gf likes to be tied up and whipped a few times, then I'll eat her pussy (best tasting pussy I've ever tasted btw) and fuck the shit out of her while I choke her. She loves to have my fingers in her mouth and have me spit all over her tits. Gets extremely turned on when I call her my slut, and she enjoys a little rape fantasy.

    Yea, I'm going to marry her.
  15. I would want to be dominated by a (Dominant) woman.

    I eat ass like it's my job!
  16. my gf wont let me lick her asshole.

    though I don't know if I'd want too

    this give me an idea fora thread
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  18. dont knock it if you havent tried it!

    just the tabooness(sp) of it makes it hot to me. and if its fresh outta the shower, its super fucking clean :).

    and the lady of mine seems to enjoy it whenever it happens, definitely not a regular occurence, but again if we are to shower together or something, i dont see why not. lol i used to think it was nasty to but like i said clena and fresh no worries my man.

    edit: i bet licking womens ass's is prolly more common than we think......or maybe im just trying to make myself feel normal about it :p Lmao

  19. Oh don't get me wrong, I'm not being judgmental or anything. I know some people think eating a girl out is disgusting, but I love it. To each his own. Personally I just can't imagine putting my tongue against another girls poop shoot, clean or not. But hey, if that's what floats your boat then go for it man. :cool:
  20. haha I'll put my tongue on a girls poop shoot .... yes maybe it just the tabooness

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