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  1. Don't know if this has been done before but I'd like to hear about people's odd dreams they had.

    Here's mine, I went to bed last night pretty baked so idk if that influenced my dream. My dream was about me and an Argentinian family, I had to reunite the daughter and mother back to their family members. I hid them in my apartment because people were out looking for them and I ended up getting captured but it worked out in my favor I shot 4 dudes lol and I threw 2 c4's and booked it out of the house hahaha. After that my dream sped up and I had reunited the family back and was offered to live with them.

    Weird dream huh? Anyways guys and girls back to sleep for me. Hope I can get some replies :)

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  2. Sounds intense! I envy you for having dreams like that brother.

    I know that they say everybody dreams, I've studied my share of psychology, and studies say that without dreams, a person goes insane... But I really don't have dreams 99/100 nights. I just fall asleep and wake up, with no sensation of dreaming at all.

    One of the last dreams I remember happened about a year or so ago. I hit a onie and laid back on my bed, and drifted off to sleep. I woke up with the MOST intense sensation of ringing in my ears - imagine a rock concert aftermath of ringing ears, now multiply that by 1,000. I thought my weed was laced and I was overdosing. Something was terribly wrong. I fell out of bed and struggled to army crawl across the floor towards my bedroom door, trying to shout out "HELP" but I couldn't even open my mouth. The ringing in my ears was about to kill me, like I cannot physically describe to you how loud this sensation of ringing in my ears was.

    Then I woke up, sweating and gasping for breath. It was a nightmare, and after a little research, I found that it was a pretty rare phenomena called "Exploding Head Syndrome", it's on Wikipedia if anyone is interested. Super fuckin wild, and the weed of course was not laced, I had already smoked like a gram of that stash. Just in the dream state I thought it was.

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  3. I had a dream GC revoked all membership titles, Moderators and paid members and VIP. I cant remember why it was revoked for everyone too. Idk odd dream.

    All I know is it must have been intense, we all met in person to discuss like a business meeting, yet the reason is still lost on me.

    I know my sheets were all ripped off the bed, so I must have been pretty actively protesting hahahahah
  4. that's pretty crazy! I don't have dreams very often sometimes I remember that I had a dream randomly throughout the day which is odd. I'm at work and then I'm like "I just remembered I had a dream last night". Really odd it keeps happening that mid day I remember I dreamt the previous night.

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  5. ahah I like to write my dreams down on a journal sometimes, I look back at them when I'm
    Bored really fascinating ahah :)

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  6. I had a dream last night I was smoking weed with my sister and her fiancee and halfway through the night I pull out my grinder and remember I have weed that we can smoke. Started another dream that was much more interesting but my damn dog barked and woke me up. I hate when that happens.
  7. I had a dream last night that I owed money to Donald Trump.
  8. lol The homie Jane is in the house.

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  9. One dream I will never forget from my younger years...

    We had a big back yard growing up and one dreamy night my whole yard was about knee deep tropical water and I was wading around admiring the beautiful fish and corals etc. I was so bummed when I woke up.
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  10. my most memorable dream is the earliest one i can remember. I'm outside in the backyard on a sunny summer day, playing with my 2 sisters. We're by the back gate. I hear this buzzing sound like cicadas, and I turn around and see that my sisters have started running away around the side of the house towards the front door. I turn back and look and see a man dressed in a nice black suit and tie, with blue skin, walking in the park towards my backyard. The buzzing cicada sound is coming from him. i turn around and start running too, but the buzzing sound keeps getting louder and louder. The adrenaline is pumping, and those few seconds feel like an eternity, knowing that it could all be over at any moment. As i round the corner and onto the home stretch, i can see the girls through the screen door waving hysterically at me to hurry up and get inside, and I know the man is right behind me. As i get onto the stoop i leap for the door and go to grab it, but i know the man is about to grab me too. Then I wake up.
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    I have a lot of PTSD nightmares, they vary some and usually aren't very vivid, just enough to wake up in an adrenaline rush. Always fiery.

    I get quite a few on the run dreams, sometimes from the police, sometimes from someone else. Usually not quite sure why.

    Similarly I've had these perpetual lateness anxiety dreams since I was a kid. I'll be running a little behind for school or work, and shit will keep happening that keeps me from getting ready and going, really random stupid shit, just a little at a time, until before I know it, I'm way fucking late, terrified I'll be fired, and likely haven't changed my clothes either! A few times I had a dream like this and got up in the middle of the night in a daze to get ready, then finally realized I still had hours [​IMG]

    I've had many teeth being broken or falling out dreams too. And a few where my eyeball falls out. I never notice it happening, I'll just go to check the bathroom mirror for some reason and my eyeball will be hanging out of my face. And of course the falling off the dirtbike dream back in high school where I would actually fall off my desk in real life!

    And for like a week straight I had this dream where we're in an empty warehouse and one of my friends shoots another of our friends in the gut seemingly unprovoked. And for some reason Florida from Good Times and Light from Death Note are there....
  12. Stop playing war ganes before bed would be my advice :/

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  13. I should probably come to this thread next time I have one of those super-virtual-reality dreams.

    To be honest with you, there is no video game or console out there that can come anywhere near close to the pleasure that I get out of vivid dreams. My dreams are vivid as fuck, but that's partly due to the fact that I also have sleeping issues.

    One way to guarantee that you'll get vivid dreams is to go to sleep at like 12am, wake up at 4am.. do something on the computer, even take a low dose of caffeine .. then go back to sleep.

    Try watching porn or something beforehand .. lol

    You get the idea..

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