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    No, no your aspirations, not who you wanna fuck or what you wanna do with your life, but your dreams.

    You know, the kind you have when you sleep? The kind practically no one wants to hear about (except me) & the kind that can be REALLY GOOD or extremely bad......

    I wanna know what you dream about.

    We all dream every night but how many of you remember your dreams?

    98% of the time, I remember what I have dreamed.

    I'll start.

    My husband & I are at our house, but it's not where we currently live IRL. We order a pizza. A few minutes later, I see a BIG pickup truck coming down the road. It has a HUGE cattle catcher/grill bars on the front & you can see a 12pack of Surgeâ„¢ inbetween the bars & the truck front end. We had ordered the surge with the pizza, so I knew it was the delivery guy.

    There's a bridge on the road with a gap/gate. It is overcast outside & lots of green foliage on the trees.

    This bridge is very narrow & really too small for the truck to go thru. Instead of stopping & walking in, he floors the gas & scrapes the sides of his cattle-catcher on the sides of the gate. When he gets thru the gate, blood goes everywhere & the puppies & dogs are screaming/crying/yelping.

    I was so worried that I didnt even put on my shoes, I just ran as fast as I could out there.

    A lot of older puppies were pawing at this little blonde puppy & they were all yelping. I kneeled down & scooped the puppy up into my arms.

    I started screaming & crying because when the pizza delivery guy had floored the gad to get thru the gate, this puppy's head had been by the gate & got stuck in the cattle-catcher/grill bars & the force of the engine caused its head to be ripped off. That was the blood & it was every where.

    And, the puppy was still alive, but had no head. My clothes were drenched in blood. I wanted to help it but I didnt know what to do!!!!!

    And it is weird because some elements of the place I grew up are present (the puppies. I grew up raising dogs and we always had puppies) the cattle-guard/narrow gate. And a tin door which looks like it is from the barn from the farm where I grew up. But the rest of the scenery is like a mashup of many things. I think this is only the 2nd or 3rd dream where my being with my husband (or anyone) is equal to what it is in real life.

    Like, this dream, we are married. Usually I see people I know but it doesn't compute.

    A friend of mine is a dream analyst so I called her up when I woke up distraught. She analyzed my dream & heres her interpretation:

    I think that u and your husband being in the dream is about your current situation. The different house is unfamiliar emotional territory or possibly relationship territory.
    U ordered pizza which is something you like and immediately something u did not want. Not only that but what u did get is connected to memories or feeling from your parents or family.
    U feel deceived by the driver who u know. He or she is barreling into your life not only with a vehicle that is obviously big and well guarded but what he is doing is disregarding the entrance to your life and home and as a result there is bloodshed.
    The dogs represent friends and you have old friends who are at risk but they also rally to protect someone or something that is new in your life. U are shocked to see the disregard for your family, friends, and home and horrified by the deception. You were being herded against your will regarding something.
    The beheaded puppy is still alive and u are trying to save it because it is something dear and close to u. It may even be a part of you that u were protecting .
    It is not dead though and it is in your hands to correct the situation. It is not out of your control . Btw your husband does nothing because this dream is about u taking care of u.

    How about you?
    Post your dreams, wacky, wild, weird, scary, stupid, or sexy.
  2. Well heres one i remember like yesterday. I was lucid dreaming (i knew it was a dream but i couldnt control it) well after i figured out it was a dream i went to find my friend when i found him i told him this was a dream. He looked at me an just stared for a while an then started to choke me an had me on the ground. I woke up when i was about to be choked out or die... idk cuz i woke up. Was pretty weird.
  3. I was at a wack ass party at my friends grandma's house. This isn't her grandmas house in real life, I've never even seen her grandma, but I go to this house in my dreams a lot and that's what I know it as.

    The cops came and busted it and everyone threw their bud in the bushes, I snuck back and picked up everyone's weed hahaha then my mom just appeared outside to pick up me and my friends but I never called her or anything. We smoked mad blunts on the way home

    Another dream I had with my friends grandmas house (this friend is never even in my dreams) is I went inside and was all looking around. Then the grandma came home and I ran outside and some crazy shit was going on out there, In front of the house was a big dirt road that had turned into a giant mud pit.

    So I'm still trying to run away from the grandma, so I jump into this can I see and turns out it is full of indian people. They're all freaking out cause the mud is making the van slide around and they can't drive for shit. They didn't even notice me get in. So I said fuck this and got out and woke up.

    They get weirder but I usually can't remember them
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    I have a lot of repeat dreams where i see people in water. Sometimes its good (theyre alive) sometimes its bad or weird (theyre dead / images)

    Once I had a dream that a guy came in to where I was working. (It wasnt my current place of employment IRL, although IRL I -do- work in custom framing.)
    It was a long frame, like maybe 40" wide --- i never got to measure it.

    He had cut a 'mat' out of regular white paper and I was going to set him up with a custom frame but he seemed like he didnt wanna spend that much.
    So I said " lemme get some measurements and i can cut a mat for you. You really need a mat on this. "

    A usual argument he replies with " Nah, it doesnt mean that much to me. "

    I looked at the picture and it was many people standing together.

    I wanted him to realize that he may not care now, but 50 years from now someone will care.

    " Sir, you might not care right now, but in 50 yrs, maybe you wont be here anymore (he was in his 60s) and your decedents will be trying to do genealogy and when they come across this picture do you want them to find it the way it is now?

    Or all faded, torn, mildewed, and stuck to the glass so when they open it up the faces of all these people are gone forever? You have the power to make sure your family can know about you and your ancestors in the future!"

    He says he recognizes me as a cousin or something and I start to see images of my sister & i as toddlers in these frilly easter dresses that my mom sewed us, in the water. Not sure where the water is but it is deep water. Almost a ghostly image-- like see-thru.

    This man, he searches for DIY projects for little girls and paints a large wooden R for me purple & paints my sister something called bacon & eggs.
    He tells us to put it on our dresser for our socks.

    Then the last part of the dream is the guy in the water, talking to me while under the water.
    Many people do this also but i dont recognize them and i cant hear what they are saying bc they are under the water trying to talk.
    Again i see the see-thru images of my toddler-age frilly-dressed-self & my sister.
    This was kind of a bizzare dream that jumped around a lot.
    Earlier in the dream, b4 the guy came in, i was brushing my hair with this new app on my iphone. Makes ur hair smooth. Lolololol
  5. My dead friends

    Middle fingers up, if you don't give a fuck
  6. I've been dreaming I turn into a jaguar, I'm the queen of the forest.
  7. I never remember my dreams. I couldn't tell you one that I've ever had.  :confused_2:
    Except this one nightmare from when I was a kid. For some reason that one stuck. 
  8. One time I had a dream that I met Tracey Morgan, he was super cool and thought I was hella funny. So he invited me to an after party at his crib. When I showed up it was just him and his dog at this super ghetto house, he asked if I wanted anything I demanded chocolate milk, when he said his refrigerator was broken I stood up and left!! Still laughing about it now. I almost always remember my dreams and sometimes they really affect my mood for the day
  9. On this med, I have super crazy dreams. Either very surreal and Salvador Dali, really scary and terrifying, or prophetic.
  10. I've dreamed two times in the past month now that my cousin has died. We're pretty close, not like the usual cousins, that only see each other every year or so. We only live a hundred or so feet from each other.

    Wondering if anyone has insight?

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  11. that's not a dream GF. You are a Jaguar, Queen of the Forest. ;]
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    death in a dream can signal a new beginning, losing an old life to begin another. Perhaps your friend is going through a lot of changes? It may be that you are the one having changes & this is playing in your mind thru your cousin since yall are so close.

    Edit: friend = cousin
  13. Thanks for the reply, that really does make a lot of sense. I just wanted to make sure it wasn't trying to warn me or something.

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  14. well thats boring. What happens in the dream with your dead friends? C'mon Terry. Im not gonna judge if you went cannibal in your dream. It was just a dream man.
  15. OMG I'm Rick Grimes!! I'm am Rick Grimes!!
    CARL!!! CARL!!!!
    You got walkers behind ya!!!!! Runnnnn!!!!
  16. No. My actual dead friends. I just see them, as if they never died

    Middle fingers up, if you don't give a fuck
  17. so in your dream you don't acknowledge them as having been dead? I see friends or family or animals that have died, in my dreams frequently, but I know in my dream that they were dead previously & I am always thankful to have the chance to reunite with them, even if only during my dream.
  18. I never know I'm dreaming till I wake up. I hate it, can't stop nightmares

    Middle fingers up, if you don't give a fuck
  19. i also usually dont know I'm dreaming until I wake up. I have more nightmares than good dreams, but after having consulted with my friend (the dream analyst) the dreams dont really mean as terrible things as they do in the dream; but its still paralyzing fear while I'm stuck in the dream.
  20. I had to kill about nine people I knew in a shoutout that my wife started she turned around and shot once everything went slow motion I grabbed the gun pushed her away and starting shooting each person in the head like some matrix stuff. And then when it was done my ears were ringing the gun shots sounded real too. The shells were rolling down the street blood started to drop out of their car. I got in the car and sped the fuck outta there. Went to school which I don't even do anymore. And cops were trying to ask me questions and I said fuck it this is to real and I opened my eyes and was in my room.

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