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  1. This is not that crazy but like a week ago I almost had to smack the shit out of some kid he told me he was about to get me 6gs of kush35 dro for 30 I was like super deal anyway my noob ass brother called some bitch kid he knows and was like my bro gots dro I smoked some with him the other day my lil bro is new to smoken and I have been smoken for like 3 years so I tell him it does not sound right but ok I told him dude was going to try to scam me anyways we got there and he said we need to go pick it up when he brings the weed to me I give him the money and start to drive this shit smelled like dirt then I told him this shit is mid give me 15 back I was about to smack the DOG SHIT OUT OF THIS LITTLE PEACE OF FUCKERY I GRABED HALF OF MY MONEY AND SAID GET THE FUCK OUT HE WAS LIKE ITS DRO LOOK HOW LIGHT GREEN IT WAS I WAS LIKE I WILL GET SOME KUSH AND SHOW U WHAT IT LOOKS THEN I WILL SMACK U IN YOUR DAMN MOUTH AND :SMOKE: KUSH IN YOUR FACE AND LET U WATCH TO MAKE A LONG STORY SHORT I GOT A QUATER OF MID HALF PRICE AND WAS PISSED BECAUSE I wanted to smoke kush.....
  2. Uhm, what?
  3. sounds like ur a bully
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    I'm not a Bully dude tried to scam me I'm not dumb that's his fault he knew what he was doing my bro knew the dude he got It from hew was like did dude by some weed for u Guy last night we told him the story and he was like dude tried to get y'all and gave my bro his number if your not ready to get your ass whooped for doing dumb shit than don't do it at all.... I'm actually a cool person that scamming shit is wrong.
  5. Most of the time when kids throw out big name strains like that with different prices, Its bad shit. they just try it to push their product. I used to have this kid come up to me telling me he had shit like banana kush and white widow...It was always mids. Spicey lol.

    This story isn't crazy but one time me and my (Former) boys were walking around roaming the streets at night like we used to do and we had just come out of a corner store that sold us cigarettes. We were about 16/17 at the time and when i walked out some car pulled up and a black dude stuck his head out, and with a real ghetto accent he said "I got that ganja green"

    I looked at my buddies, thought for a sec and figured id go for it. Told him i had a 20. He said Damn, looked back and grabbed another bag and handed me 4 bags full of pot. It was mids but holy shit dude, he sold me ATLEAST a little over an 8th for 20 bucks,,, I wish i had of gotten his number hahaha
  6. this one time, i went to a dealer. i handed him my money, and he handed me a bag. i wished him a good day, and went about my business.
  7. beside traveling from a small upper middle class guido suburb town into deep newark regularly a couple years back, not really many crazyy stories :p
  8. Ok where's all the crazy storys
  9. how fucking baked where you when you typed this?
  10. i couldn't even read that I'm sorry that whole post was an EYESORE
  11. This one time a good friend of mine "TJ" and I went to "Ben's" which involved a drive from Columbus oh to Philly Pa. Went there and jammed out to metal and got baked. On the way back to columbus after our stay, we stopped at a Denny's.

    As we were getting ready to go in a random guy asked us if we do pills. We are like nah, just al natural weed. He's like oh yeah that cool man and walks closer to the car we are in. He goes on to say that he has a small bag of some dro that he didn't want. TJ and me were suddenly interested in what he had lol. He asked if he could hop in the car and I reluctantly said yeah.

    This guy was latino and was wearing shades and looked shady and dirty. He's like before I show it to you, we need to get out of the Denny's parking lot. TJ had a bad feeling about it but I felt alright doing it, plus I was the driver. We get out of the parking lot and he says that he could cut us a good deal on a quarter or larger of dro. TJ wanted to getsome bud and told dude sure after getting offered a quarter of dro for 80.

    As we were still driving around dude asked if we had any baggies. We didn't so he was like stop at this small pantry place and he went in with our money an said that his dude was right here at the store. He demanded the money and Tj said no green until i see some green. Dude says its right here it wont be a big deal. Tj succumbs into giving him the money.

    He goes in and gets baggies and stops and talks to some guy by the front door while TJ and I stayed in the car. Dude shakes hands with guy at the front door an goes inside. He Hops back in our car.we demanded the weed and he said that his dude ran out and we gotta run to his place it's not to far away. TJ asked for his money back and he said he gave it to his friend at the grocery front door.

    TJ and I were pissed and said alright because we just wanted our dro and we hit the road. During all this driving we stopped at the ATM, grocery, and now dudes house. We were starving for Denny's and kept getting bad vibe from this guy. He says that we can't know where he lives so drop him off and meet him around the corner at a thrift store. At this point we had no choice but to say ok. This shady fuck was in the backseat and I didnt want to get stabbed or hurt and neither did TJ.

    We go to the thrift store that looks like it's been shut down for a couple of years. I'm waiting with my car running in this parking lot. The whole time we have been on this run we have in a bad part of this random town. I didn't want to get jumped. We waited and waited and after 7 minutes passed, TJ said, just get the fuck out of here, we got ripped off. I'm like r u sure? And he said yep and so we got out of there.

    Lessons were learned and the rest of the trip back to Columbus sucked balls...

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