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    :D gonna update with pics soon

    update: blue cheese/blue dream/ green crack bho
  2. After work. I shall :devious:
  3. thanks for sharing, its good...!
  4. come on GC! lets see that errl!!
  5. [​IMG]

    hand pressed then flattened
  6. Budder made from mid grade buds

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  7. All BHO bottom two credit goes to Syn4life

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    Awesome BHO I made. I used a quarter oz. Decent yield!




  9. Not a fan of the color, or yield.
  10. 1 week later, it's now a very green wax. sooo potent
  11. This thread needs another picture post. Heres some Headband Honeycomb, made by the brother.

  12. BHO from a half ounce of mids. Dabs great!


  13. idk how yall dab with paper clips ive tried in the beginning but after like 3 hits i get a funky flavor in my mouth
  14. i like them because every time, it gets all of the oil on the dabber. no residue. i dont really notice a funky taste from them. i owned a glass dabber and i honestly think this works better haha
  15. They have titanium paper clips on etsy. I think around 20 bucks. ;)

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