Post your coco pics!

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  1. If it’s an Auto you might consider planting in final container so you don’t stunt the growth only have about 3 weeks before it flips itself ;)
  2. Meh ive never done that in coco, its a bitch watering a 3 gallon pot with a tiny ass sprout in it. As long as youre not keeping it in the solo for more than a week or so youre fine. Ive never had an issue transplanting. Soil is another story though and i would def start in the final pot.
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  3. Nugs look so sticky

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  4. It was so messy!!! Haha
  5. High all! First coco grow here. We got off to a rough start but now seem to be doing fine.
    1- mars hydro 300
    1- bloomspect 600
    Fox farm hydroponic basic feeding schedule (slight changes) + cal/mag 4ml per gal
    tap water 6-6.5ph
    Week 3 of flower

    Temp about 70 at night and 82 during the day
    Humidity is pretty high about 50 during the day and 70 plus at night(91 was the highest I saw).
    Just defoliated some and somewhat lollipopped.

    Any advice, questions/comments, or concerns are welcome! Peace out!
  6. Current grow. Green crack 5gal coco. I have since LST more and re pinned branches
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  7. Day 23. Autoflowers

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  8. rootballgif - Copy.gif _DSC0060 - Copy.jpg
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  9. Five weeks from seed. Third day of flower. Three gal fabric pots 70/30. This is my first grow. Loving the foolproof nature of coco! [​IMG]

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  10. Does anyone use autopots with coco here?
    Got a couple questions

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