Post your coco pics!

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    sour cookies
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  2. sour cookie bagseed

    blue dream bagseed

    random bagseed

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  3. I’m not sure anyone watches this feed or not, but..... Starting my first coco grow now.
    North Genetics Beyond Dreams (my keeper pheno). She’s a very dense fruity strain. Tastes a lot like a raspberry and lemon pie. Sweet and tart to the max.
    Clones were taken 3 weeks ago and run out in an oxy cloner dwc setup. AD5A9CE6-1449-4DFC-93F5-01C39EFEC53F.jpeg They were transplanted into canna coco on the 7th of April. Same day I set up the flood table.
    I’m running blue planet nutrients organic lineup. Ec is 1.2 (a little higher than I wanted) and ph is 5.8. 20gal res and a 2x4 tray. And under cmh bulbs. 4K spec 195w at the moment.
    BF927D5B-935D-4A20-9E3C-0F7D0819932A.jpeg She’s what I’m working with. Should be a great ride. Follow along if you’re interested in this style of grow on my journal. Link is below I believe. Hopefully it won’t be full of mistakes. Haha
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  4. First time ever growing with coco. First impression, outdoor coco = HUGE plants. Three of them went from clone to 8' in four months. The picture of all my plants shows my dirt plants and coco plants, pretty easy to tell them apart. Only one coco plant under the screen in the middle, the other three are in dirt. 20180912_193037.jpg 20180912_193029.jpg 20180909_165618_HDR.jpg 20180905_191322_HDR.jpg 20180912_192619.jpg 20180912_192234.jpg 20180905_191412_Pano.jpg

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  5. First ever grow outside, was in coco 10gal pot strain was Unknown Kush, we don't get very sunny days here in Michigan but she did good 10oz yield! I really just let her do her thing man what a beast of a plant the coco and nector for the gods did some work!!! Moved I in on the last part of flower because of peepers and rain for like 2weeks strait. This plant made me fall in love with growing outside....if I could I would say fuck growing indoors let's be all sungrown! This strain is super dank as well it's got a real narcotic effect forsure, if you wanna see the devil smoke this shit. IMG_20180915_230812_448.jpg 20181011_124253.jpg 20181011_124418.jpg 20181011_124337.jpg Screenshot_20181006-211413_Snapchat.jpg IMG_20180712_202550_874.jpg

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    White Widow grown in a 4x8 tent with a Flo n Gro 12 site. Using Botanicare nutes, and 2 630cmh lights 20190109_100044.jpg 20190110_162417.jpg 20190110_162441.jpg 20190108_134215_HDR.jpg 20190109_113136.jpg 20190109_100030.jpg 20190109_100013.jpg 20190109_101203.jpg 20190109_112950.jpg 20190109_113146.jpg
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  7. 1st attempt at Coco, upper left to right, super lemon haze, Maui, Critical Cheese, Gorilla Bomb, and in the middle, Critical Kush. Props Mr. & Mrs. Ed!

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  8. 1st plant ever grown. Love the coco and results it’s been giving! [​IMG]

    Easy Smoking!
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  9. Very nice !

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  10. A3C3E8AC-3B52-4537-84FD-24D1B870CFBD.jpeg Details:

    Nirvana’s Girl Scout Cookie, raised in 5 gallon Smart Pot with 70/30 Coco/Perlite respectively, ScrOG’d (8” above coco medium) during Veg to fill out ScrOG 75% then flipped to 12/12 light schedule, Platinum P300 & Super Nova SN300 LED arrays; one of each in a 4’x2’x5’ grow tent indoors, Veg’d 54 days, Flowered for 70, flushed for 5, raised on GH Flora Series, Armor Si, CaliMag, Koolbloom, Diamond Nectar, and Photosynthesis Plus-Q, watered 2x’s/day Veg & 4x’s/day Flower on an inexpensive Auto-Fertigation system (approx $125), mixed and batched Nutes in 20 gallon Brute trash can every seven days, aerated reservoir with 3” air stone and air pump, delivered water/nutes with 500 gph pond pump, maintained EC within 300 uS’s of my target during grow (used Photosynthesis Plus-Q 1.5 Mils/32 ounces of nute water [never use tap to flush!!] to flush with to keep EC within target). Chopped and hung whole to dry for 5-9 days (currently hanging) then jarring for cure! My yield goal this grow was 10 zips! We shall see! :)
    4741E98A-FA13-4FA8-BAF3-4966C872153E.jpeg CC3D351E-7809-440C-816E-2441989808C1.jpeg 1A94B49D-91BC-42ED-A40B-916747545D9E.jpeg 275DA48B-5E69-405D-B22D-6F37DD35EBF1.jpeg 2499B905-DD57-4E33-9E70-9579A51F8825.jpeg 14154D75-BADC-45A8-9526-F3FC151AC503.jpeg E45D6C65-7C46-4326-8CDA-DF9C1400F592.jpeg 31F7B488-97EC-4CC1-BDFF-B9736ED34AEC.jpeg A3C3E8AC-3B52-4537-84FD-24D1B870CFBD.jpeg FE1B20C6-F509-4962-B6A5-EF8C089201AA.jpeg 3216D21C-FAA2-45D5-B409-A7545D67F40C.jpeg D800D001-CA7D-47E7-B455-068736CCD81F.jpeg 67D72937-FC80-4FC6-993F-DCF0720E577C.jpeg
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  11. Loast coast skunk auto - HSO showing 15 day growth between photos (main cola both shots) fed twice a day @ 400-600ppm (tap comes out of well at 150-300) KIMG0516 - Copy.JPG KIMG0646 - Copy.JPG
  12. Holy fucking shit, man...
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  13. Hey all coco pros I made a thread but have not gotten an answer and my germ seeds are long tailed already. Really quick I have pre made bag coco perlite mix do I need to water before I plant seed or just water after I plant beans? Sorry for not being on thread topic but I will come back and post when it's done.:)
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    I would pre soak (ph 5.8-6.0 water) the coco, then after you plant put like a shot glass of water or so on the planted seed. You can actually feed 1/4 strength nutes from sprout. Youre gonna wanna start in something small like a solo cup to keep the waste down since youll be watering daily.
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  15. Haha! I was so excited! I got 13.6 ounces off her!!

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