Post your coco pics!

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    I hear what you're saying regarding your nutes and from where I'm sitting, you definitely know what works for you! I'll be sure to check out your other albums. My new place will have a:

    (9'4" wide x 10' deep) room for veg,
    (6'8" wide x 6' deep) room as an all-purpose clone/seedling/supplies room,
    (9'4" wide x 10' deep) flower room.

    I'm converting a shed that is 20' wide x 26' long.
    I'm loving your table and am thinking a lot about incorporating it into my setup. So, don't be surprised if I pick your brain about it in the near future! :)
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  3. First coco grow 2 1000w de hps, 7 gal smart pots, 12 plants 13x15 rooms 0208170608.jpg
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  4. Here's one of my grows in strait coco

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  5. whats the temp of your room? why are all the leaves so down?
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  7. Depends, whats your rh?
  8. its between 40-45 when they drink up everything
    and when i water its between 45-52
  9. Keep good air exchange and they should be fine then
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  10. depending on strain, should be 8-10lb if you can keep it healthy
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  11. some of my hairs and turning brown and a few of the leaves are starting to get some spots and tips curling like theyre burnt.. u think its starting to get root rot or im just trippin?
  12. Bubba Kush and Sour Diesel. One week into flowering.

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  13. Jumping to the end of the table grow. Final yield 2.4 lbs! I had a major issue with fungus gnats causing an outright stunt for 2 weeks. I experimented with a few remedies that failed before going for Azamax. Next round I'm trying out beneficial nematodes from the jump to see if that better manages. we'll see!

    Enjoy the pics!

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  14. Your description of square footage sounds like you have a lot of potential to really do well for yourself!

    Not at all knowing what your intentions, time availability, outside commitments are, and your confidence in yourself to keep clones and mothers going, I've found having any form of a large genetics bank and or lots of mothers to be a monumental waste of money and time. I used to pride myself in having a large gene pool on hand in both vegetative and finished product These days, genetics / seeds are so widely available, I deeply regret dedicating large areas to mother plants and cloning. I also regret getting into too many strains at once which have significant variance in nutrient needs as it's impossible to really squeeze out top notch performance and quality from all of them in a unified system and the batch mixing of a lot of individual strains of various genetic combinations was really hard to keep up with while also having other responsibilities.

    All of that said, I also gained a great deal of experience in a really short period of time (relatively) by trying out a lot of different mediums and learning "building block strains" meaning older, solid, popular strains which are the base for a lot of today's hybrids. My intentions were to have a firm understanding of the genetic variance contributing to today's heavy hitters to be more capable in understanding the differences in the newer genetics. Though I feel I've achieved my goal of having an understanding of the above stated, It cost me a LOT of time (years) and money (many thousands). Had I simply gone with a set up and nutrient regimen with proven performance and quality to begin with, I'd be a lot farther ahead than I am now financially. Everyone has to decide for themselves what they truly desire and how far they're willing to go to achieve their goals for themselves. I simply feel it's my responsibility to be upfront and as direct as I can to proliferate as accurate of information as possible from my own experiences and commitments.

    I'd be happy to offer whatever I can in helping you avoid the mistakes I've made and also my successes. That said, I'm still learning myself with every grow after a combined 5 years of committed cultivation. Feel free to ask away either in forum or PM and I'll get back to you though if I don't respond right away it's simply because I havn't visited here recently.
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  15. One last comment, I've found Advanced Nutrients to be superior to GH 1 part and 3 part in absolutely every conceivable way in regards to quality combined with weight which is comparable. That said, the cost of a complete AN regimen simply doesn't justify the cost unless you have a hookup with very, very discounted prices. That said, I've observed the finished product of House and Garden from other grows enough times to believe it's where I should be investing my needs into. I did a really great job with GH products and was committed to them for years while dialing it in. The AN however blew the quality away and into a more refined, robust, and enjoyable and product. I expect to experience nearly the same quality from House and Garden but for less than half of the price. I literally spent $3k in AN for my last run in soil, coco, and ebb n flow. The overhead simply doesn't justify the loss of income. That said, when I'm only doing this for head stash, I'll be back to AN in a heart beat unless HaG can fill that role. Stay tuned for controlled HaG reports!
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  16. Thanks for your input and I can definitely see the value of the above stated. I will be asking you things for sure
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    Do you know what bank's Sour D that is?

    Edit to add: I'll be honest whatever bank you got that from I need to try it out. I can't say I have ever seen any plants that far along after 1 week, especially for a 10-12 week strain like sour D which takes a while to initiate. I can't say Iv'e ever even seen a 7 week strain that far along in a single week. Zooming in on your pic, I can see at least 4 stacks of calyxes already. You sure you didn't mix up your pics?

    I look forward to your pics of right before harvest. At that rate, you'll see yields of over a pound per plant under those LEDs and in only a 5 gallon bucket to boot. That's unbelievable! I'll be watching eagerly for your updates!
  18. Well I'm new to the whole coco thing :) always grown soil for safety sake lol but I've got 6 in coco now n LOVE IT !! There growing soo fast and are healthy as :) have 3 ak47 1 strawberry cough and a hashbomb and an unknown skunk off some description out of some awsome smoke
  19. Would make it a lot easier to do a bush crop as can always find a water source but getting the potting mix ect up there is bloody hard work lol might chuck half dozen blocks in my bag n give it a go ;) will plant into holes filled with coco rather than a soil mix

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