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  3. My latest grow of a strain I've been working on which my wife has named "what would jebus do?" Lol

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

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  4. Hahahah

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  5. image.jpeg image.jpeg

    2 different strain auto flower seeds I germinated and planted on my window sill in some coco I got , 5 days old and about 1.5" tall , I plan on moving them under 2x 60w CFL warm white bulbs .. Just waiting until they get a few nodes taller first as they seem to be doing fine up to now , any help is much appreciated as I am a complete beginner
  6. Growing these two in separate enclosures. The big one is Bubbleicious, the small one is an unknown strain freebie, both from Nirvana, both growing in 80/20 coco/perlite mix. GH Flora trio with supplements being dripped in from a homemade system using 5gal buckets and IV tubing.
    First two grows at the same time

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    Grown with 1/4 strength nutrients every watering.

    Veg phase: 1 gallon tap water, 3/4 teaspoon epsom salt, 1/4 teaspoon fox farm organic big bloom, mix, I then pour water into a 500 ml water bottle for easier watering with the smaller plants, in that 500 ml of the mixture from the gallon I add 1/4 teaspoon of Alaska fish fertilizer 5-1-1.

    Flower phase.
    1 gallon tap water, 3/4 teaspoon epsom salt, 1/4 teaspoon fox farms organic big bloom, 15 ml of either espoma liquid organic start and bloom, I was alternating between the two every other watering, I have now mixed the 2 together in a larger bottle and poured the mix back in to the bottles, so I don't have to switch bottles any more.

    No deficiencies, no issues, all locally available, affordable, grown with 140w diy cfl grow light.

    Vegged for 4 weeks, been in flower for 2 weeks and 6 days
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  8. My last grow in Coco Loco.

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  9. 12/12 from seed in coco/perlite mix
    image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg

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  10. Grow 1 and grow 2 both in coco perlite mixture IMG_0379.JPG IMG_0669.JPG
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  11. Critical Mass (Masa Critical by Spanish seed bank Blim Burn)
    4x6 Table with 40 Gallon Res. Finishing Veg week by week 5 (I had a little dialing in to do after dropping the clones in before they started taking off which added a solid week). Never actually seen anyone try this before but I filled the trenches of the table with Hydroton, layered a poly bed blanket over the top making a nice screen for the coco with air available beneath the medium, I couldn't get my hands on Perlite in sufficient quantity at the time but decided to add washed rubber mulch in the lower medium for the roots to anchor to. Also have Diatom earth mixed in top 1" of coco. I've ordered additional stock in Advanced Nutrients Sensi Bloom Coco and the remainder of the entire AN line to give it an entire bloom phase under the line. I allow the table to flood 75% +/- up medium for 3 minutes daily, then drain. I was hoping to be able to recirculate on the flood but present pump is too strong. Scrog is 8" from medium surface. So far so good!

    I'll be going from T-5s to 2x600HPS on light movers.
    Anyone know if running a Co2 Burner under 600s at 1500 ppm is worth while under 600s or do I need 1kw bulbs in there to benefit? Haven't been able to get a solid answer on that but would hate to overkill it with 2x 1kw lights unless absolutely necessary!

    21 Critical Mass plants, plus two blue dream to fill in around under performing clones.
    2x 6 bar T5s
    GH Flora Nova Veg
    GH Cal/mag 5ml/Gal
    AN PH Down/GH mixed. I liter / 1 Gal respectively
    GH Roots Stimulator
    AN B-52
    AN Voodoo Juice
    EC 1.7 / 1200ppm +/-
    Night temps 60* to 65*F Light on temps 70*F to 75*F
    RH 55%-65%
    Res Temp 72*F-73*F Constant (been meaning to dial the res heater down a pinch so not to go over 72*)
    Go Gnat Cedar oil every other week
    Neem oil in Res every other week
    PH controller holds perfect and consistent PH 5.8 with exception of every 3rd day restricting controller to "monitor" only until res has reached 6.0 for a nice healthy swing, then back to 5.8
    Any and all recommendations are greatly appreciated. I'm really nervous about dialing the complete AN line on a harvest quite needed. I'm hoping to hit 3lbs min of super frosty!
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  12. Hey sorry guys, got a little carried away in the pics thread. ^^^^^^
  13. That's an interesting setup. If you start a journal please drop me a link, I'd like to follow. The link to mine is my signature.

    2'x2', 3'x3' and 2'x4' - Multi-strain
  14. no worries! keep em comng
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    Thanks Charlie, I checked out some of your content. You have some interesting re-purposed environment equipment! Looks good to me! EDIT to add: I'm documenting everything as I go and have dated pictures so if I get to it after harvest I might and will let you know.

    If you insist! Did some tucking today.

    I'm kind of freaking out now as I ordered my nutes but there was a shipping issue where almost two weeks later it remained at the shop I ordered from. I pray it's here by Friday so I can flip once they get here...
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  16. what a beautiful sea of green! You did a fantastic job no doubt! Sorry to hear bout the nutes, what a bummer dude/dudette. Are you supplementing with anything in the meanwhile?
  17. I'm now absolutely sold on the coco coir method of growing. I've been removed from the growing scene for the last 5-6 years. I'm moving in april and my new place is going to afford me the opportunity to grow again. I can't wait and will be using the coco coir method for sure! I've been like a giddy school girl over the past few weeks since I now know exactly the space I have to work with. I've pulled out the draft paper and have been drawing up all the ways I can set up my new space. I've forgotten all the fun to be had with all of this :)
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    Thanks for the kind words! I've spent years trying out everything from home made XL aero cloning type totes, coco in pots, soil, DWC, fluid film, etc. The highest quality nugs w/ highest weight per SF I've produced yet actually came from the aero totes but upkeep and mechanics of maintenance was just too much. For me Coco in pots was also too high of maintenance as I was unable to make it to the garden every single day. I found this resulted in root damage. soil for me requires far too much time to revive the plant if something goes wrong. So far, the automated table coco system is really fantastic! I just wish I could have added 25% Perlite for further aeration and drainage as I have to stay on top of treating fungus gnats pretty diligently due to the saturation. This has however shown zero adverse effects on the plants themselves so it's well within acceptable limits.

    I have another album open to the public now that shows misc pics of some of my other plants and my tents. I just recently got an Ebb n Flow bucket system set up in a 5x5 tent I'll be scroging as well. Pretty excited about that also. My 4x8 tent is finishing up the last of my soil based media plants. I never went fully organic in soil due to having hydro systems at any given time and didn't wan't too many nutrient regimens for simplicity though would likely have seen better results based on what I've seen from others.

    Lastly, yes I have supplemental veg and if I wanted, flowering nutes but it's really important to me to use the entire Advanced Nutrient line through an entire flowering cycle as a proof of concept (for me anyway) and control to my experiment.

    EDIT to add: I know exactly how you feel in regards to the anticipation! Out of curiosity, what's your s/f availability?

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