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  1. ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1449379363.304635.jpg
    Cream 47

    ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1449379387.287429.jpg
    Blue Widow
  2. Ace seeds. Golden Tiger 10 weeks. About 6 to go hopefully. ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1449468739.384169.jpg
  3. My Buds in Coco. and Organic mix
    Still young...
    I scoped a couple Buds...
    I was surprised the Trichomes were MILKY already....
    Growing in a Tent w/ LED


  4. Here's a couple pix to compare...
    They are 5 days apart...
    I'm going to take another picture in 5 days...
    Maybe the growth will show better...
    Here's the ones I tried to get the same angle...
    5 days



  5. there is no way your trichs are milky. at that point you Still have a shit load of bud growth left before any of that starts.
  6. CandyCane auto, by CropKing.
    70%coco & 30%perlite.
    She is 3 and a half weeks in to flower.

    ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1450122937.958490.jpg ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1450122958.896976.jpg
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    First grow ever . First grow in coco ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1450231872.312690.jpg ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1450231916.051259.jpg ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1450231977.056843.jpg they start week 9 Thursday .the trichs are mostly cloudy with some clear still . I'm gonna start the flush Thursday too . Maybe flush 10 to 14 days . Should be 10 percent Amber by than . Right?? I surely don't know lol

    Ok second grow now . Clones taken from the first pics ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1450232152.545622.jpg ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1450232195.818010.jpg I still gotta spread the ones in the second pic out a little . Believe it or not I had all five of them in my 30 x 24 inche closet till today . I just got that 4 x 4 tent so I can stop growing my ladies on top of each other lol . I know I been terrible with spacing

    So what you guys think . I think I need to work on spacing my plants better and maybe cutting back on the nitrogen a little sooner . Any thing else I could be doing better . Don't worry about my feelings . I just wanna get better . I want fatter buds
  8. I won't use them little buckets any more either . I'll go with all 3 gallon hempsy
  9. looking good Ant Dog. I know what you mean about spacing, I have the same problem. I just like to have a variety, makes things a little more difficult, as far as feeding. I've found that really trimming, or lolipoping helps when you have them crammed in there. What strain is that? What light are you using, and what are you feeding with? I've found to get fatter buds taking all the small branches, and lower crap off, you can really concentrate the energy to the tops, and not waste it on fluff. Also, some strains jut grow fatter buds, so genetics have a big part of it. Another big factor is environment, like temps, humidity, and air flow. I recommend keeping a grow journal, and maybe make small changes here and there, then document what helps, or hurts. This way you can really dial in what that particular strain likes. Just remember to watch ph and ec. Calibrate you ph pen often, and try to find your sweet spot as far as ec goes. Don't want to burn your girls. Nice job on your first grow! Looks like your a natural.
  10. Purple og #18 by Reserva Privada, at week 4ish. Really like this strain, fast finisher, and great purple taste.
    Easy plant to grow, also has very little stretch,.

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  11. thanks bro . I appreciate the advice and kind words . I dam sure work hard at this
    To tell you the truth . I'm pretty much doing all of what you said . Ph is always on point . I trim all the undergrowth but I have gave new growth way many chances to become tops take I should have . Im more aggressive with it now . They can't all be tops can they ? [​IMG]
    They are under a p450 in a 36 x 20 inch tent
    I use the ironhead method . Actually I went with just the base nutes witch is the 3had formul . I think I cut the micro to late though . I have cut it sonner this time and my buds seem to be getting fatter faster but I'm not sure if it's the Hid , the spacing , or the less nitrogen that's making the diffence . I guess I changed to many variables at once to know for sure . I kinda obsess with the documenting everything as well so hopefully I'll have it figured out soon . I think I'm close . just not quite there .

    2 of them are channel plus from a Spanish breeder called medical seeds witch is actually the same as critical plus . 2 totally diffent phenos as well . You can really see the difference in my clones [​IMG] I have a special kush as well and she eats about 100 ppms less than the Channel plus . I can feed one of my cp+ less than the other as well . Figures the finicky one would be my favorite lol
  12. Right on, you definitely did a good job pruning. I've found you need to make one small change at a time to really know what effect it had. It's crazy how different phenotypes can be. I know what you mean about your favorite being the most finicky. I have a dream machine pheno that is awesome. Best yeilder I have, and best smoke, but I can never seem to make her look happy like all my other strains. Just keep doing what your doing man. I'm sure you will get them dialed in after a few more runs. As far as you nutrients, I'll have to look into that style. I was using canna, but just switched to a one part powder. Time will tell how my girls like it, so far they seem really happy with it. I just love how easy it is, and the fact it's way cheaper.
  13. thanks for the advice bro . It's much appreciated . I'm dam sure gonna keep on leaning ... It's a thread on here called ( ironheads method for success ) if you want to check it out . It seems a lot of coco growers in the city use it . Thanks again for taking time to help me bro
  14. ok I have one more question for you now that I know you have used canna . I have canna Aqua grow a and b . I have never used them . I'm happy with the nutes I'm using . I do all my girls in hempsy . Think the canna Aqua would be ok . I see its for recirculating set ups so I wasn't sure and I'm also not sure how I would bring the ca and mg ratios inline for coco . With what I'm using now we use Epsom salt . CaMg will have me all fucked up . I have tried it lol but I'm thinking CaMg will actaully work with the canna Aqua because the ratios are diffent than what I'm using . I'm thinking the Hempys would be more of a drain to water but the resivoir does stay full . I know it can work just not sure how to make it work for me . My water ppm is 60 . Any thoughts on making this work for veg ? I have it so I would like to use it
  15. I think the Aqua will work fine. I believe it's for a recirculating setup? You can always add 3 to 5 ml of calmag, depending on how strong you mix. I used canna coco a and b. With the canna a and b, I didn't really need anymore cal mag if my solution was over 700ppm. If I had a strain that was really calmag hungry I would just supplement with a foliar of epsom salt solution. I would start feeding at a fairly low ppm with added calmag and work your way up. Just remember to add the calmag first, or you possibly lock out other nutrients.
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    Yes it's for a recirculating systems . I wasn't sure how that would work with a hempy ... Are your familiar with Hempys ? If not its just a bucket with no holes in the bottom . A hole in the side about 2 inches up form the bottom . This turns the bottom of you bucket into a resivoir . Fill the bottom 2 inches and fill the rest of the bucket with coco ... Maybe I'll give it shot with a little CaMg like you Said .whats the worse than can happen . I kill a few leaves lol .... I'm sure the canna coco you are using has higher CaMg ratios .. Prob lower p and k ratios as well .
  17. Sorry, just reread one of your replies. Are you thinking of adding epsom salt and calmag to the aqua? If your source water is only 60ppm to start with, I would definitely add calmag, or epsom salt. I've only used canna coco nutes in a hempy bucket for one run, and I did add calimagic at 3 to 5 ml per gallon, until about mid flower. Now I run drain to waste, and still use it during veg, or when I'm running lower strength nutes. I've never used canna coco substrate. So, not sure about the higher ratios. I use a coco called simple path, a mix of coco chips, pith, and perlite. I do flush with calmag and a low nutrient solution before I use it.
    Anyway, If it was me I would add calmag if using aqua in coco expecially since it's not a coco specific nutrient.
    Hope that helps [​IMG]
  18. I was thinking of just using the CaMg . I do use Epsom now . CaMg doesn't work with with the micro I use . To much Ca locks out Ca . Yeah I found out the hard way . If I do use the canna Aqua it will only be for veg . I deff agree with you on only using one though . I'm leaning towards the CaMg inspite of having nothing but issues when I have used it but with non coco specific nutes ( like you said ) it might be a better option . I really was doubting myself but You pretty much just confirmed what I was thinking so I feel much better about giving it try .
    Thanks again bro
  19. Emerald triangle Cheesy Headband, grown in pure coco with GH Floranova + various additives. This top weighs 600 grams fresh, dry weight should be around 100g. Total weight of trimmed fresh bud on this plant was over 1200 grams. :)

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  20. 1450832525124.jpg one of the tables with a combo of strains 1450832542267.jpg close up cinex week 6 1450832562607.jpg wild zombie week 8 1450832586638.jpg and some gg#4crumble

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