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  1. Yo guys, here's an original thread. Every city has that ONE burger joint. The BEST one. The one all the radio DJ's go... the one Guy Fieri visits for his show. The one that has the BEST, JUICIEST, SEXIEST hamburgers!
    Here in Houston we have a few contenders for the crown but the CROWN goes to LITTLE BITTY BURGER BARN. here's a pic of my fave order, a double 1/4 pound hereford beef patty (never frozen, wood fire grilled) with cheese and bacon.
    Little Bitty Burger Barn.jpg
    and here's me and a coworker taking on their 2 POUND HAMBURGER CHALLENGE during lunch one day. I'm the guy sitting closer to the camera waving his hands around causing motion blur hahahaha

  2. Homeboys pinky is fucked up

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    oh jeez, thanks for contributing. most likely a visual anomaly caused by the camera bro. look at my hand.
  4. That looks good. I might have to go there sometime. I think the best burgers here would have to be from Red Oak Grill. I would post a picture but I haven't been there in a while. I highly recommend it when you're in Katy. There's two other ones but I've only been to the one here.
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    just make your way to pinemont between antoine and bingle up here in NW... you bite this burger and you'll be like.. Red Oak who?
  6. I think op just won his own thread. Nobody is gonna be able to too a burger like that!

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    There's a little place called Smashburger there's a few of em around here they're fairly new and they "smash" the meat patties. or whatever. but they're amazing and the fries are amazing as well. [​IMG]
    oh but I wouldn't say its the best burger in this city.. just a recent favorite I had to post
  8. Dam I can't even look at this thread right now
  9. i don't really know of any good burger joints in central FL.....well aside from Smokey Bones. they have one that they put bits of fried onions on....that shit is bangin.
  10.  what if you don't live in a city?
  11. This one place by the local veterinarian makes the best mystery burger ever.
  12. Top Hat's or The Habit
  13. Town Hall Burger & Beer is my favorite one in Durham, NC. The California burger there is especially good.
  14. I heard there's a superjoint in the city that's got a grip some of the best consumables. The recipe book is wide open &  yours for the taking.
    now that's what I call 1/4 pounder with cheese!!
  15. That looks like one tasty cheeseburger my friend... B)

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  16. in england its all vans or mcdonals, burger king etc....

    but there is a van on an industrial estate round the corner that doest the best sausage, bacon, mushroom and egg sandwichs.

    think thats the british equivalent.

    they must take 1/2k easy and there only open 10am - 2pm not a long wait for it eather.

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  17. This is what a hamburger is all about!

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    Craigie on Main–

    Back Bay Social Club–not so much a burger as it is an 8 oz. steak on a bun.

    My personal favorite, however, is the bacon cheeseburger at Shay's Pub in Harvard Square. While it lacks the haute sensibilities of Craigie's and Back Bay Social Club's offerings, it's a solid, no frills pub-style burger made with locally-sourced, grass fed Beef. The atmosphere is decidedly casual and their beer list is ace.
  19. Dude, what's wrong with that guy's pinky?
  20. ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1403741884.758553.jpg hook burger

    Stay blazed

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