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Discussion in 'General' started by skunk zoots, Feb 20, 2009.

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  1. I only smoke the following:

  2. ports/kools for menthol, or djarum blacks.
  3. [​IMG]

    ohh yea camel wides.
  4. Djarum Blacks and Camel Crush.
  5. I only smoke if I'm thizzing or dexing, and it's always Camel Turkish Golds
  6. I like to switch it up all the time. Camel: Turkish Silver/Gold, Infused/Mellow/Robust, Light/Filter/Menthol/Extra light- Parliament: Lights/Full Flavor- Natt Sherman: Hint of mint/Classic/Organic/Fantasia/Brown/White- American Spirit: Organic/Full Flavor/Light/Organic/Menthol.
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    that was me several months ago

    I've been smoking Marb 27's since about two weeks after they first premiered on shelves

    Even though they only came in soft packs at the time :(

    They're fucking perfect (imo) but for some reason Marlboro thought it a good idea to put out cigarettes called 27's, and 72's at the same time, so every time I go to a new store or one that doesn't remember me, odds are they never get requests for 27's so they invariably hand me a pack of little baby cigarettes in silver packs and I have to inform them of the bronze one that's placed precariously far away from all the other Marb products.

    But that makes it all the more fun :)
    besides my girlfriend's dad travels to PA a lot and when he does he usually sends me two cartons of them for free because they're incredibly cheap there, and they're not firesafe (I live in ny and we have the self-extinguishing ones with thick, gross paper)

    Every time I run out I feel like I need to quit so I don't have to switch back.

    I can also handle Camel Filters, but not so much anymore since they got that new pack. The tobacco is very dry and harsh, it's like smoking dirt. Just tastes woody and gritty.
    But back in the day they were awesome, with their only obvious drawback being the very, very soft filters.
    Every now and again I'll smoke Newports, but usually only bust-downs (clips/halfs) of other friends' stoges who smoke them, or when I'm tripping/rolling

    I used to be really into Salems because they use natural menthol and it's a whole different experience. Black Label was the shit back in the day
    but it made me wanna puke after a while

    It all started, though, with Cowboy Killers.
  8. word
    i cant imagine having the self extinguisable ones, those come to fl in summer 09, ill hate it
  9. Djarum Blacks got me hooked on smoking. I don't like the taste of them anymore however. I think they changed the taste....or maybe I just smoked to many regular cigs to enjoy them anymore.

    Anyways, my main smokes use to be Camel Filters.

    However, being in Massachusetts, I can't afford a 7 dollar pack a day habit anymore.

    So, now I have my little machine and I use Gambler tobacco to make cigarettes.

    Costs me about 10 dollars for 100 or so smokes. Not too bad.
  10. damn i was almost for sure everyone would be saying newport guess i stand alone-NNNNNEEEEEEEWWWWWPPPPPPPOOOOOORRRRRRRRTTTTTTTSSSSSS:smoke:
  11. they still taste the same to me
  12. ive boughten 2 packs of kamel reds, lights though, never seen regulars. its like smoking air, and they make me gag idk why.
  13. never had the lights, from what ive seen most people either love or hate kamels.

    those are the only ones i like, otherwise i like 27's or marby reds (not crazy about em though)
  14. Kools baby. But I started off with Turkish Royal. Every now and then when I'm hammered I buy a pack. Still love em. Just not as much as Kools
  15. Camel Turkish Royal, only brand I smoke.
  16. 27s previous guy posted
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