Post your Big 3 lifts, deads,bench, squats

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  1. For me, 8 months training.

    Started with my Bench Press top set at 10x135, squat at the same, and Deadlift at 145.

    Now my lifts have skyrocketed.

    Bench - 215 x 5, probably could get 250x1 maybe 245.

    Squats- 245x5, probably 270 for 1.

    Deadlifts - 335 x 5, probably close to 390 for 1 rep.

    Post yours guys!

    Oh and please, no bicep curl records in this thread :p
  2. Bench 225 x 14
    Squats 365 x 4 (Beginning of the year I was leg pressing around 645 or so)
    Deadlifts 315 x 5

    That was the last part of freshman year in High School. Now half the exercises I do my shoulder dislocates. I have trouble lifting my arm straight forward without it locking up or falling out.
  3. Wow, those are some good lifts especially for a high schooler man.

    How big were/are you?
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    I was 5'10" at 185-190. Coach used to call me the bull. Now I've dropped down to 165, doin some more PT on my shoulder hoping to get it back together, I got an appointment with a surgeon in 2 weeks. So we'll see how that goes.

    I've been learning about exercise physiology since I started wrestling back in 6th or 7th grade, reading every book I can find, meeting all types of trainers, so they got me on the right path. Right now at college and with a possible surgery coming up I don't really want to work out too much, just enough to go in decently strong if I do get surgery.

    **I've never maxed out. My old trainer always said "we workout to win not to show off" whenever I asked him about doin that.
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    The end of summer before my senior year of high school... BTW I was 6'4" 300lbs.


    All my lifts could have got alot higher, I stopped working out at the end of football to help support the family. Two years and one wasteful year of college football later, now I'm 6'4" 270lbs.

    Bench-maybe 315
    Squat-Garbage, maybe 405.
    Clean-prob 270 or so.

    Shit's getting up there again though, now that I'm not doing the stupid lifts that the strength coach at NAU had me doing for football. Stupid son of a bitch stressed athleticism over strength, even for the o-line. He had us doing 110 yard sprints and we never back squated.
  6. Different coaches, different coaching styles, different types of linemen. I know here in Canada our Olinemen are wanted big/fast but preferably fast/athletic over big. I know some olinemen that are 6'6" and weigh 230 lbs but destroy defensive ends/tackles with form and speed.

    That being said, i am a typical offensive linemen at 6'4" and when i play im usually around 280, lol sitting a season out im way out of shape. DAMN i need to get a gym membership, moving sucks.:mad:
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    End of football season senior year(last year)

    Max out : 255, could do 225 about three times, on a set of 5 sets of 5. old school thats how we do it

    Squat: I've had terrible knee problems because of football that ended up with me having arthritis in both knees, and my cartilage has worn out in front of my knee cap and the top of the femur. a few times but at one point i was pumpin above 300

    Clean: I hit 215 five times once, never did it as often, i'd normally do a routine of 3 x 12 Starting at 185 and worked up.

    I was 5'10 200 played right guard in a spread offense, so i pulled alot on plays.

    edit; i meant 255 not 265
  8. dead 365 x 3
    squat 255 x 4 ass to grass with pause
    bench 205 x 3

    at 5'5 180
  9. bench 205 1x
    squat 365 for around 20 (never maxed too dangerous)
    dead 330 3x end of freshman year in highschool but I'm a sophmore so probably around 380 for 1
  10. uhhhhh.....I bench 190 five times.

    but my arms are super long so I am at a major disadvantage.

    I've been training about eight months too. more routinely the last four.
  11. I'm pretty small, was always skinny with very fast metabolism. 18 years old, weighing 115 week and half ago when I started to work out. Now I weigh 122, doing only 95x15 but I'm getting there. Eating like crazy, I feel and look better. Haven't tried maxing, but I will try. My 16 year old brother's maxing 220 lol. He does 95x40 I think it was last night.
  12. 123lbs now lmao. :)
  13. i used to try and lift a lot and eat very healthy... it didnt work for more than a month tops. I am now 5'11" 170 lbs. i havent benched in a long time, i dont really have time. I've started to do the "herschel walker" routine. Which is just Massive amounts of pushups (different types/stances) pull-ups and sit ups. Anyone heard of this or have a comment on the idea?
  14. I haven't heard of that, but I did that before I started to lift. I tried to lift first, tried 95lbs, couldn't do it twice. Did pushups, about 150-200 a night, 20 at a time, 20 second breaks. Then I went to weights and it helped me a lot! Started doing 95 5-6 times. Now I'm doing it 15+. Doing it atleast 8,9,10+ at all times.
  15. Don't bench any more, but I do DB inclines with the 115's for sets for 8, deadlift around 580, and squat 415 with full Olympic range of motion (basically my ass to my calfs). (6'3" 210lbs)

  16. hmmm...I'm no expert but I wouldn't think that quitting bench press is a good idea. I thought it was always best to keep your muscles guessing. I try to mix it up between bench, incline, decline, dips and flys,.....I think pull ups work your pecs a little bit too in certain positions.

    db? I assume you mean incline bench?

    hey! we've got the same build!
  17. ^^^hey man DB means dumbells
  18. bench 185 squat 315 dead 350ish

  19. OOOOOHHHHHHHH.....:eek:

    ya, should of thought of that. I really should use them more than I do. I pretty much always use a bar.
  20. Yeah, DB = dumbbell, I stay away from flat benching really now, it puts way too much strain on my shoulders that I simply don't need(hurt my RC pretty bad), toss in some dips and I'm hammering my chest from pretty much every front on the compound movements. I change up the angles a lot with flys though.

    I keep my muscles guessing by mixing up the volume and intensity I train at (i.e how many reps/sets, how much weight, how much rest time, etc) every few weeks. Been at things now for about 3 years consistently (not including the 6 months I was injured)

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