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    Im gonna edit this first post and write what happened to me.

    So I didn't smoke all day on 4/19 because I wanted 4/20 to be more special I guess. To start of 420 me and blade RobGobshire burned a blunt with my roommate.

    RobGob and I then met up with my little brothers who are 16 and 13, they stole a car to drive to my college campus to smoke with me. We hoped in the car which actually was mine but parents needed it...another story lol.

    I have always wanted to roll huge joints like my Dad used to back in the day. 420 was the perfect excuse I rolled 2 3.5 gram joints. The first I rolled with a dollar and then put the weed in the cone and the second I rolled by hand.:smoking:

    (The hand rolled one was better, I was so happy to roll it because I thought that I was going to fuck it up. lol. RobGobshire has the picks right now and we'll put em up later...)

    So In the car it was me, RobGob, my 2 brothers, and what!!!! my brother brought some other kid without telling me ahead of time. This Kinda made me angry but whatever. We decided to light up the first MEGAJoINT and it was just amazing! The amount of smoke you got from each drag was so thick and full flavored. You got a lung full of smoke with barely dragging on the j. :smoking:

    Hopefully someone can back me up on this but it is a great way to smoke, puffin on a fat joint with your two younger brothers and great friend.

    After the Amazing J we all headed up to my dorm room to smoke off my giant bong. (its in my sig) We smoked countless bowls out of it…It was bowl anfter bowl for about an hour and a half… And then we wanted to smoke the party bowl.

    RobGobshire and I concluded that it was the MEGAJoINT and and party bowl on the PH(x) that fucked us up so much.

    The “party bowl” is an old bowl I had that broke but I can now use it as a huge bowl, it holds like 5 grams of ground up bud. RobGobshire, my 16 year old bro and myself filled the bowl up completely. We smoked it between five people each getting 1 hit.
    Yes just one hit each but we were essentially each smoking a gram in one hit. When you milked the bong it did not look like “milk” or regular smoke for that matter. The smoke had a dark yellow almost brown color to it and it was thick…too thick. These hits were incredible it made you feel alive having that much smoke in your lungs lol.

    After the party bowl my 16 yr old brother couldn't drive so I drove them home and RobGobshire followed me to take me back. On the way back RobGobshire and I smoked another blunt and half of the hand rolled 3.5 g MEGAJoINT…Only half because we could not finish it. It was just too damn much lol..

    All of that happened between 12:00 A.M.-5:00 A.M. on 4/20/2009
    More to come

    Just post your stories too and tell me how fucked up u think this has been lol (later)
  2. ok i will be live blogging all day! lol
  3. MAN I WAS GONNA START A THREAD JUST LIKE THIS!!!!!:hello: Anyway, I been up for a lil over an hour doin' the usual, but when I stepped outside to light up, there 3 fucking deer in my yard... no lie. No telling what else out of the ordinary is gonna happen today.
  4. 12:00: Popped 8 tramadols
    12:00 - 7:13: Smoked numerous bowls and consumed alcohol
    7:13 +: Will be poppin endocets and more tramadols along with marijowana and drinkin more poison. :smoking::smoking::smoking:
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    9am woke up
    9:25 hit 2000 posts on GC
    10:00am masterbation
    11:30am just finished my burritos
    11:32 popped 10mg ritalin and my effexor and smoked a newport bout to play RCT3 (roller coaster tycoon)
  6. White widow finished last wednesday.. packed a bowl of it this morning... 5 bowls of it actually. Followed up with 3 knifehits of the Trainwreck. Almost time to take the kids to school.. then more toking.
    Gotta roll a few joints for work tonight... its gonna be a good day overall.
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    I was smoking last night to celebrate 4/20; today I'm just kicking back with a beer and enjoying the best weather England has seen all year :D

    EDIT: However, the stash in my top drawer is very tempting.. and it'll be 4:20pm here in one hour... I suppose there's no reason not to roll one up :smoke:
  8. Gonna blaze before EC 202 (macro econ...) then come back around 12:30pm EST and blaze again and might head down to a local head shop...they are having a sale on pipes and stuff + free munchie food :D
  9. 4 years ago on 420 got pulled over and went down town for the whole weekend it was just a great time.
  10. I woke up and now I'm going to a chemistry final... there is a blunt in it for me after though haha.
  11. 12am: brought in 4/20 with a free bowl pack that was $20 a g
    7am: woke up still blazed, went to class came back and chilled
    1230pm: ate lunch
    2:00pm: smoked up my friend with another bowl pack

    later today:
    -pick up an eight for $75 and get smacked with like 6 of my buddies

    current status: :smoking:
  12. I dont really care to much about 4/20 but i aient got much going on so im smoking a blunt now. And got a fat bowl of kief ima hit at 4:20 PM for the helluva it. Its 4:08=9 right now as the blunts burnin.
  13. Word, I feel 4/20 as an excuse to smoke a lot...... I don't like smoking a lot all the time. Only every now and then. I did smoke at midnight right as it hit 12:00 p.m. which was cool. Its 4:11 p.m. eastern right now so 9 minutes I'm going to spark a bowl when it hits 4:20 p.m.
  14. Just chilling, smoking some bongs.

    Unless it's on a weekend , its not really a novelty for me.
  15. I have a lot of schoolwork and classes....

    ... but that hasn't stopped me from celebrating.
  16. just smoked a bowl of skunk out of a sick ass bong
  17. just packed my bong at 420, killed it, just packed another one
    .......killing it............killed it.
    I just woke up from a 2 hour weed nap earliear today
    my best friend came over at 9 and we got stoned by 10
    Im havin a great 420
    WOoo happy 420 blades
  18. Im fuckin blowed.

    Killed a blunt then a bowl of kief in 20 minutes.

  19. well i had school all day
    its been raining non stop since about 8 this morning
    and i cant smoke in the house, so for this 420 im staying sober :(
  20. Wow nice to see so much sensi smoking

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