>>Post yer BIG shrubbz<<

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by OG bub, May 22, 2006.

  1. These were HTC PowerHouse last season. they grew quite large, biggest yet in my garden

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  2. very nice. that main stem in the first pic is more of a tree trunk than a stem! hah :)
  3. nice dude... yeah that trunk is freakin huge. good luck with your harvest. :eek:
  4. Do you guys have an eradication program with a helicopter in your location? If soo, good jobb making it. If you dont have a helicopter problem, then you have it easy. Nice garden either way.
  5. Growing in buckets, can´t match that size. Great plant.
  6. is that a field of plants or a field with a plant.
  7. dude thats a weed tree
  8. Cmon folks! this aint a 'How are you Hung' contest, so post anything that been 'BIG' in youre garden.:D

    they werent all this big, but heres a fatty in bloom.

  9. "Yer Image was Way too big"

    This was a HTC Skunk plant. not as big as the PowerHouseplants but it was big.

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  10. wow. You inspire me.
  11. heres a PowerHouse plant in bloom. This was powerhouse plant#4, I tried a different feeding schedule with this one..
    I wont be using it again, just didnt push enuff in veg.. this plant only popped out around 2 lbs.

    Peace, bub

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  12. damn, only 2 lbs.

    gotta get that shit right man, come on.

    jk those are some big plants.
  13. Amazing looking plants.....you still smoking off that harvest?
  14. Only 2 pounds?? What a bummer!!!!

    Best I ever got is just 1 pound; but she was in a bucket.
  15. man fuckin hack that thing down with a fuckin axe man
  16. I want to see some more big plants! I'll take some more photos of my babies tomorrow.
  17. Dude your plants looks like trees do you live where it's like summer all year? LOL

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