Post when you're blazed.

Discussion in 'General' started by zyrog, Apr 5, 2008.

  1. no one ? wow..
  2. we're all blazed man. We dont need to post threads about it. It's like breathing. Do you post a thread when you get a breath of fresh air?
  3. I'm sober as a judge... But I want to blaze... Just can't...

    Oh well, gona get drunk in .. ETA 10 minutes! Not too drunk, gotta watch KU kick north carolina's ass up and down the court.. Gotta be able to remember that shit :cool:

  4. QFT :smoke:

  5. I stay blazed off some dank headies all day...
  6. just smoked a 1.5g KB blunt
  7. Just now comin off my buzz... looks like i need another toke up
  8. Just got back from the club. Picked up a strain called "Hurricane Kush" never heard of it b4 but when i sampled it, i loved the high it gave. It has a mean grainy/organic/kush taste. Got a good amount of it too. Already threw some All star looking nugs in my Kush Jar thats going to BEAST on 420 =] Watching the Spurs/Jazz game while waiting for the Laker game later.Time to get some clean water in the tube and RELAX
  9. post what you smoked, how much.. stuff like that.
  10. I wouldn't say I'm blazed but I just smoked a bowl of mids and popped 6 vicodin so I will be in a bit.
  11. Got 2g's of that hurricane kush grinded up, got my 2 bongs out. My bro and I are just chilling. Im trying to make the most of it. My girls guna get here in a lil while so ima get RIPPED till then =]

    I hate the Jazz and Spurs but im going to cheer for utah on this one. GO LAKERS!!!!!!!!!!! Ima dedicate this sesh for the W
  12. just hit my volcano, cleaned it and made a brand new balloon packed about .2 of heady nyc deisals., y eahhhh
  13. There's one about this already!

    EDIT: This was already stated! My bad!
  14. Hey what about with when yoy are drunk-I can't smoke I have to go and check in mon.I can't wait until mon. day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 After I check in:eek:
  15. I'm blazed as good. :smoking:
  16. i AM SHIT FACed I can't even type I don't no that might be a good thing:eek:
  17. I am nice and blazed and drunk and im about to go to sleep goodnight grasscity. !

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