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  1. "still fly" by drake has pretty simple rhymes but they seem to go really well together

    good thing to do. have a bunch of shitty music that's unchecked in your library? Go through your library and delete all of it, it will make your shuffle experience so much better (itll only be good songs)

    this guy :rolleyes: is making fun of you so hard

    this guy :p is not really that thrilled about anything, it's kinda fake

    this guy :) is when you are asked like "how are you?" by a cashier and then you make the face :) and say "good thanks" just completely mechanically

    no music really makes sense, rock included. why do people get mad at pop songs for the lyrics? i mean seriously some rock songs are like "and the earth cast upon thy sun!!!!!!!!!! yeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaa :devious::devious:
  2. right now i'm thinking about how much of a dick my guy is. dontcha just hate when they say that they're re-uping and will let you know when its good and then just completely blow you off? bc thats what just happened and now i'm without maryjay. so i thank you for this thread so I can vent =)
  3. Man, I am thinking about how terrible my school will be tomorrow. Probably going to eat some Chinese food, watch some south park, do some forum lurking, and hit the hay.
  4. deliberating between a philly cheesesteak or french dip. WAT DO?
  5. Would you clone yourself and have gay sex with yourself for $100?
    I sure as hell would

    Why the fuck does every music video on youtube get bombarded with Justin Bieber comments. Get the fuck over JB
  6. jus realized one of my best friends since 7th grade only hungout with me cuz i smoke weed
  7. damn i'm really high
  8. I'm talking to a cute girl right now but I wish she lived closer to me.
  9. [​IMG]

    Go for the cheesesteak
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    story of my life man. Smh :(
  11. I could never casually study or read at borders or Starbucks.
  12. General snus
  13. I think im dying! I really do!
  14. yesterday i was playing an old starwars game high, and had some weird revalation about the light side, ive forgoten it since but now feel like im missing somthing.
  15. my guy came through and its was worth the wait !:hippie:
  16. I always feel like im on a different level than everybody. I can be 3-months sober and just feel the utmost experience where I just have this normal euphoric feeling constantly running through my veins in my body. I feel like my perspective is right compared to anyone else's. I always think I am more important and that I am just more overall knowledgeable. I feel that in my life I cannot fail, like its just not an option and cannot happen. This is how I feel on any common day. Now, I usually also smoke almost everyday too. Imagine how I personally feel when my mind and body are playing in the clouds. =O
  17. im goddamn sick of smelling my shroom farts
  18. i need to get laid
  19. i wonder how badly im going to bomb this final tomorrow. <-- also wondering why sometimes the hater that's gon hate me is me...
  20. I'm about to smoke the biggest, fattest bowl I've smoked in two months. I have pretty much zero tolerance, so this is gonna be great :smoking:

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