Post Vacation Blues

Discussion in 'General' started by killermaxwell, Aug 15, 2008.

  1. Ehhh.... i feel fucking down yo. I know it's fucking summer no school, but idk.

    I went on vacation to to SC and then FL which totalled a month and 2 days. When I was gone it was so fun everyone in my family down there is really chill and have a lot of fun.

    upon returning to NY i come home and feel chill that i'm home again, but a couple hours go by and and i'm bored as fuck and kinda depressed. like idk i had a great time but i come home and barley anything cool happens, the family up here is distant and we barley see each other.

    like idk how to explain it i feel like really fucking sad like at any point i could fucking cry yo idk it's fucked.
  2. oh yeah, idk if this has shit to do with anything but 2 of my aunts both on seperate sides, and one of my cousins has bi-polar disorder.
  3. for real coming back from a vay-cay is always depressing. smoke a bowl
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    word bro, it took my mind off it but i'm still fucking depressed. i don't want to fucking grow up and have to deal with my fucking first year of college in like 2 weeks.

    idk im really fucking depressed... i wish i could live in florida its so much iller... people are sicker, hotter girls and a shitload of milfs, fucking cheap bud and shit down there... fuck! and to top it off, almost my entire family there puffs nd shit. compare that to here where my fucking 17 yearold cousin starts smoking cigarettes and the family is flabbergasted and mad at him. no one even puffs here beside me and my cuz.
  5. Yea i feel like that someties too during this time of teh summer, BUT im smokin some really awesome shit, so im not thinking about that shit as much.
  6. Like IDK.. things just seemed so much more simple down there. Like people had fun and did shit like everday... and we'd chill with people in out family all the time.

    coming back, i could chill with my friends, but it seems like it takes soooooooooooooo much more fucking effort, and even when i do, it's barley fun...

    idk :[
  7. it fucking sucks... i come back to my boring ass nerdy parents. they are fucking annoying as fuck!

    like anything that i ever talk about or say they always have to point out the possible things that could go wrong to a completly paranoid excessive point... goddamn..
  8. wait until you head to school.
    life will be great man.

    i promise.

    my parents blow, i took a semester off, lived at home and worked hardcore.
    its not fun.
    college is where its at.
    no parents, no rules, all the herb you desire.
  9. I'm still bummin but not as bad...

    idk it just seems so chill in FL my kind-of family and people down there way different then fucking boring ass CT and NY
  10. yo i'm feelin mad better. hookin up with this girl tomarow so it's all good now :D

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