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  1. Somehow my trick dwarf cherry tomato plant got spider mites (indoor notill in 7gal fab pots). Looks like my treatments sacked it, it hasn’t put on a flower for months and looks like shit. I have sprouted some new ones from it’s seed, so I’m starting afresh.

    What do you do with the soil from that fabric pot to ensure mites don’t cross contaminate? I haven’t seen a mite for weeks (inspect five leaves a week with 30x pocket scope) and I continue to rotate a weekly control (spinosad, gin/ neem and soap, Mercenary essential oil). Don’t want mites to spread through the soil. Is there a “best practice” for such soil?
  2. I havent tried it but i think diatomaceous earth on top of the Compost will kill them as they hatch and come to the surface .
    Spider mites lay their eggs in compost more over in soil
    Sticky traps work , i use Pyrethrin works up to the day before harvest , it doesn't leave a residue.
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    Thanks @Headhunterpipes, DE sounds like a winner. I forgot I also use Pyrethrin spray in my IPM rotation!.
    I’m thinking then 1) quarantine the pot, 2) Pyrethrin bomb, 3) DE when dry, isolate for 21 days.
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  4. I need to use some soil that I stored outside. I placed it in a big mason pot, like the ones used to boil mason jars in, and I baked it for an hour.
    but I don't think your soil organisms will appreciate that.

    I personally haven't had much luck using DE, but I usually am battling with thrips, not mites.

    I also use pyrethrin but it comes from Safer's EndAll concentrate, which I also add neem to. Only spray when the lights go out and never during flower (or it will burn the pistils).
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  5. just get rid of the whole thing and start fresh unless you are that broke then try de
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  6. Buddy got the same last month ...whatever you do ...


    unlike him the stink is truly unforgettable

    IMO restart

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  7. I have no idea if I'm over reacting or not but I'm not reusing anything but the airpots. After a bleach water spray. Ditched fabric bags, scrog net. I wouldn't even think about reusing the soil. Never want those little bastards again.
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