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  1. What is something you wish more people knew but seems only you realize, maybe you'll find more people who think like you!

  2. Collage is supposed to make you a well rounded citizen. I hate when I hear people complain about requirements that they'll "never use", you shouldn't look at education like that. So you may not ever use the Pythagorean Theorem again, but that's not the only reason you took that math class. It was to help you think in a more analytical way. There's more to classes than the surface. Strive for knowledge, don't limit yourself to the tunnel you have set out for your life. Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
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  3. Always hated when people thought like that. You're right, it isn't all about the concepts, formulas etc. it's about LEARNING how to do them and the processes that helped you figure them out.
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    While I agree with this in a way, I sometimes think it's ridiculous the classes that are required in order to get a degree. If I got to a university to get a degree in chemistry, I want to learn about chemistry, and someday have a job involving chemistry. The only reason I would need to take a class on art history or theatre, is to pay for the class. To fatten some paychecks. College opens so many doors, but a lot of the people running them are quick to take advantage.
    But yeah, you may not have to use much math in your job, but learning a little isn't going to kill anyone. It might even be good for you! :D
    If there was one thing I wish people knew, "You don't have to be a normal person. The idea of normalcy does almost nothing but limit."
    Edit: Oh, and never dig the fucking bullet out!
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    I wish people knew about energy. Its everywhere, and yet nearly everybody is ignorant on the topic.

    who ever said "money doesn't grow on trees" is a fucking idiot.
    While I agree to an extent, some classes truly ARE a waste of time, and only there to rake in money for the college. Math is fine, I understand what you're saying. But why should I have to take an American National Government class (that I took my senior year of high school already, mind you), or Understanding Visual Arts, or Western Civilization when I'm majoring in Veterinary Medicine? Those classes shouldn't be mandatory for graduation; they should be an option for people who WANT to learn that, 
    you take that stuff because you would otherwise not be exposed to those subjects 
    and something you learn in one of those 'useless' classes may inspire you and change your life in unforeseen ways.
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  8. i hate when people complain about everything but never look at themselves.
    for example, if you think no one understands you, maybe the problem is that you suck at communicating.
    or, if you think everything is stupid except you. that means YOU are the stupid one.
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  9. weed leaves can get you high as long as the plant is over 3 weeks! people always throw them away but their useful in times of no bud. and let me tell you, ive gotten BAKED off leaves from a strong plant. dont believe me? go dry four leaves grind them and smoke them. youll be flying :smoking:
  10. Kangaroos can't jump backwards
    Hey I remember that AVI! And I agree that in a way too; they are out to make money. And when funds are tight it can be frustrating. 
    And pretty much the same to you. But Western Civ is a good one! I'm not exactly sure how that'd correlate with medicine other than an appreciation for the past and an understanding of where your practice came from (kinda), and probably a bit of research.
    If you guys give me enough time I could find the exact ways they affect you (for lack of a better term). 

    Also this.
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    I should choose if I want to take those classes, though. They shouldn't be forced on me so that I HAVE to pay for them and pass them to graduate. If I don't take those classes and don't learn some valuable lesson or something, that's on me. I'd rather focus on other things than Understanding Visual Arts. 
    edit: And let me add that I'm not saying these classes can't be useful or helpful. Sure they can. I'm just saying it shouldn't hinder my graduation if I personally do not want to take them. 

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