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Discussion in 'General' started by Lerf, Aug 16, 2012.

  1. So I'm trying to look for examples on how people become schizophrenic and the symptoms caused by it. For example, everybody says that you might be paranoid, think people are after/against you or that you see things. Please list symptoms that are probably caused slightly by schizophrenia, even though you are probably normal, everybody experiences these hard thinking moments at one point.

    -I am afraid to smoke in my vehicle because I dont want to be pulled. Even with friends, sometimes I do everything to try and find a safe smoke spot. They just called me a paranoid

    -Since Im high 70% of the day, everytime I go for a drive I am really tense because Im afraid a cop might pull me over for being stoned... even though I'm not intoxicated, I feel as though they will fuck with me.

    -Whenever I'm driving and cars pass me and they pass me slowly on the highway I start thinking what they are doing like wtf, just pass me already and sometimes I feel like they pass me slowly just to check me out and that makes me sometimes like move my head or twitch (Im working on this, never twitched in my life, ill quit the pot if I have to)

    -I drive to the city a lot from my city that is close by, which is the main city for the football stadium and such just to check out the scenery, because I dont really know people and I just like to enjoy life... So this makes me think people will be suspicious because I traffic in and out of my house like this... Do you think there like WTF is he doing? Transporting drugs? I just like taking my nice car out for a drive with my AC, smoking cigs and listening to led zep/pink floyd or dubstep depending on the mood

    -Whenever I walk I sometimes trip myself (not actually trip, but Im thinking about how others think how coool I walk) and I miss a step or limp, even though my legs are fine.

    -I am really awkward in social situations because I guess I played too many games when I was younger and its really hard to just be a man and be myself... Like I cant sit still, always changing seated positions... Fold my arms, fold my leg over or play with my fingers.

    Is this schizophrenia?

  2. That is not schizophrenia what so ever. You're just extremely paranoid, you should lay off the pot. And smoking weed does intoxicate you. And why does the title say psychedelics but your post is all about weed? We can't talk about other drugs anyway though.

  3. I just classify pot as a psychedelic just because I am able to achieve psychedelic states from it sometimes. Im sure everybody assumes Im talking about pot because the other stuff is prohibited here
  4. You have some anxiety bro, not schizo.

    And before you write off big pharma, know that there are anxiety meds that are pretty mild and help a lot! Speaking from experience. ;)

  5. The klonopins I was prescribed only made me twitch when I didnt have them. I looked them up too and it said it was used to stop some mild twitching while suppressing anxiety as well. Then when I cut myself off from the bullshit meds, it was hard to act normal which caused the twitching because I started overthinking the situation. Its hard to believe, but I study my body and I know thats what caused it4
  6. Hey bud, shouting out words like K-Pins isn't allowed.

    Caffeine, tobacco, cannabis, and OTC products only.
  7. You need a t break. A long one. How much were you smoking anyway?

    P.S. being afraid to smoke while driving isn't paranoid, it's SMART
  8. I would say lay off everything for a good month or two. I used to be like that. All you have to do is sober up and see that everything around you is normal. No one is trying to get you. Your fine. An even if you did get caught smoking pot. You wont be sent to jail...... K just give your mind a rest be sober. and you shall see and sober means like don't do anything drink, smoke, any other stuff you might be into. I just recently did this and it has been almost a week since I touched any form of substance even a cigarette and i feel amazing and realized that shit was all in my head.... GL
  9. This is correct stay DUI free!:wave:
  10. Weed is psychedelic ok, hallucinations is caused from weed... may they may not be vivid or contain "visuals" you still see the world differently. If you're only talking about weed why not just say it's from weed and not psychedelics? If you do mean its from psychedelics other then weed you can't discuss them. We aren't doctors, or miracle workers. Go see a head doctor if you're really that worried.
  11. i talk to myself when im lonely :smoke: am i crazy or what!
  12. That's not schizphrenic behaviour at all. You don't have the delusions, voices, visions, hallucination etc. Just sounds like you have some anxiety problems to be honest. I am good friends with 2 schizophrenics and it's the kind of thing that interferes with your life everyday. If you don't have 1. strong delusions (believe things that aren't real), voices in your head or that you audibly hear and they actively communicate with you, and visual hallucinations and such.

    Also psychedelics CAN NEVER EVER give you schizophrenia. Sorry guys it just doesn't happen.
  13. I've experienced audible hallucinations when I first started smoking, but I've smoke a lot since then and have never experienced them ever since. Therefore, Im not too terribly concerned about becoming more schizophrenic in the off chance that Im schizotypical and not aware of it.
  14. I actually have paranoid schizophrenia, and what you're describing is NOTHING like schizophrenia.

    You do sound like you need to lay off of the drugs, though. All of them.
  15. Schizo is actually hearing voices and shit. Being paranoid just means you think people are after you. It's good to be paranoid to some degree, especially about smoking in your vehicle.
  16. I wonder if any of this behavior is somewhat linked with your habit of flexing your PC muscle all the time.
  17. You're a little paranoid.. No big deal.. Cut back on the activities that will make you feel paranoid.

  18. Do you know what "schizotypal" means? From what I understand, you are using it to mean "possibly schizophrenic" and that isn't what it means at all.
  19. man i feel like you do sometimes..on a few of those.
    I smoke while driving all the time though, just safe about it

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