Post Pictures of Abandoned Places

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  1. Abandoned places.

    Amusement parks, office complexes, apartment buildings, etc.
  2. There was a crazy one in China that was a hotel complex built out of squashed spherical rooms. It's gone now though I think. I'll try and remember the name.
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  4. Lol I see what u did there!!!
  5. I want to see abandoned amusement parks.
  6. There were a few abandoned houses towards downtown, I called them crackhouses for the obvious reason of how they looked.
    Too bad they were taken down only recently, I didn't get to take any shots.
  7. I want to do this. Urban exploring sounds awesome. There is an old walmart that has sat abandoned for years that I want to get into.
  8. Whats a myspace?

  9. It was a place for middle schoolers posers pornstars and child molesters all meet and play games. It's now an abandoned website where homeless people and people new to the Internet hang out at now. Example: 1: hey wanna add me on myspace?" 2: bro..... That place is abandoned like a fat dike's clit" -_-

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