Post PICS of your recent purchases!

Discussion in 'General' started by KillaByte, Sep 15, 2009.

  1. I have come across this thread on many forums and thought it would be cool to start one up here.

    The rules are are simple.

    Post a picture of the most recent item you bought and what it is :) This excludes bud (this includes hash, oil, budder etc.)

    I'll start!

    I picked up a pair of Stefan Janoski Nike SB's last Thursday.

  2. with the new price drop why the fuck would i not get the halo edition xbox to accompany my elite. pure sex.

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    The money would have been better spent on bud:hide:. But as long as it's illegal I don't care :cool:.

  4. hahahha Hookers

    but i got some hot cheetos giant

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  5. wait .. You just bought another Xbox? I love xbox to man but I think it was time for you to get the ps3 slim. UNCHARTED 2 FTW
  6. Where did you get that?!?!!?

  7. Egg Chair

  8. God DAMN that thing looks comfortable...
  9. Damn that's a steep price.

  10. yeah no shit lol someones ballin'
  11. no shit. that thing should be giving head for those kinds of prices...

    here's the last thing I bought. leatherman tools are tight. :D


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