Post pics of your lighter!

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  1. I know a lot of people like to customise their lighters by cutting shapes in the back sticker, coloring them, or whatever. So share some pics :D
  2. wheresyourpic.jpg
  3. I have a mini green bic, it's pretty standard.
  4. Lighter.jpg: [​IMG]

  5. Id post mine but its a black bic O_O
    Nothing too epic

  6. Just post it anything is cool!
  7. Is there anything duck tape can't do? My lighters a bic that had some kinda graphic on it, and I put duck tape on it cuz it would always slip out of my hand when I was gone :/

  8. thats sounds pretty cool take a pic so i can get a better idea of what your talking about.
  9. New Beetle lighter

    Lighter Drawer

    I think all my Zippos are lost. :(
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  10. yeah id hate to lose my zippo :(
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    for my:


    Sorry, I HAD to :p
  12. Lol everyone here is the perfect stoner with their collections of lighters, I sometimes dont have a lighter and loose them all the time, same with everything else.
  13. nothing fancy, just a good ol' (well not too old, everyone knows weed kills lighters) bic :)

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  14. White mini-bic wrapped in bee-line.
  15. Iwould post pics but Im sure everyone here has seen a green and black bic
  16. Standard Bic with electrical tape :)

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  17. Your standard green bic.
    I only smoke with green bics and mine never leaves my pocket.
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    It's under there somewhere. (attached Thumbnail)
    Neighbors had a massive hive removed a few months ago & we all thought it was over.

    Yesterday I went under a nice shady tree out back to take a rip when I hear a "CRACK" up above.
    As I look up I see a strange branch falling right at me :rolleyes::eek:& just had enough time & wits to quickly move but I dropped my lighter doing so.
    As I turn to look at what was going on........I see thousands of bees suddenly swarming out of nowhere.
    The branch fell right where I was standing & right on top of my lighter that I dropped in the scurry. What are the odds?:(
    I swear I've been good:devious:
    I can't remember moving so fast in a while & didn't know I still had it in me.
    But Then I had to immediately go back to get my dogs to come to me & they did.
    I can't believe nobody got stung & I went back later when they all resettled & were calm again.
    I guess they had come back & were in process of relocating nearby.
    There was a slight breeze but I think the weight of all the bees eventually snapped the branch?

    I eventually got my lighter back but it Bee to busy to show itself right now:smoke:
    so I wonder...... without revealing the color.. "would my lighter be considered lucky....Or a curse??" :confused:

    thats about a two foot diameter....6" high pile of bees.
    the end of the branch is slightly visible.

    "I am sooooo fucked.......YES?"

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  20. Do you really wan't a picture of my bic?

    This is shenanigans!

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