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  1. anything weird or frightening happen right after grabbing a sack?

    It's only happened to me once and it was after buying a dub from a neighbor and right as I walk out his door this sheriff deputy in full uniform and everything shows up out of nowhere, walks right passed me as we exchange semi awkward stares and goes into my neighbors house. Turns out it was his probation officer. Which I had no idea he was even on. I walked so fucking fast outa there lol.

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  3. One time I was walking up to my connects house, and his neighbor started asking who I was, what I'm doing, etc. Picked up and hung out for a bit, left and he was in his garage across the street. I lost that number quick.

  4. Damn your dudes brave to be doing that while on pro.

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  5. Picked up a half o and the dude didnt have a fucking bag. Just handed it to me in a solo cup.

    Wasn't but a five min drive back home but i had all the windows down and air cranked up.

    Now i bring a jar or just ride my bike.

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  6. This happened to me at my college. I had just got done with one of my classes and wanted to go eat with some of my friends. I forgot who I picked up from but I got my quarter and put it in my car in the center arm rest place. When we all of decided where to go eat, we all drove our own cars to the place and when I was exiting my school's parking garage, I didn't see a cop and made an illegal left turn. I didn't see the cop until I already made the turn and next thing I know he follows me and pulls me over, not even off the school grounds yet. When I parked I was hoping and praying he doesn't smell my weed cause I could smell it while I was in my car. By some miracle he didn't smell anything even when he was standing next to my window giving me my ticket. That scared the crap out of my though cause it was all on school grounds, I learned my lesson though.
  7. I have bad anxiety so most the time when I use. To pick up it would be awkward. Buddy would try to talk to me and I would be shaking and I would try to spit out a full sentence but it would just be a few words that don't make sense.
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  8. A few months ago I got arrested and spent 3 days in jail. I got out on pretrial and was on my way. A few days later I went to my friends house with my cousin and we smoked some hella good bud. After a few hours we decided to go walk around a bit and I brought my bowl and the weed, I even had a bowl packed for the road. We got half way down the road and a fucking sheriff pulls up behind us with his lights on and calls us over. He asked us for ID, then he asked us if we had been partying, drinking or smoking weed. I said no but he got shitty and said I was a bad liar because I smelled like straight weed. I started getting a little scared because I had the weed and pipe in my pocket and he already had probable cause to search. But for whatever reason, he didn't search us or anything. It turns out my friends house was reported abandoned and someone called about 3 male teens living and throwing parties there. We never threw any parties or even played music in there. Thinking back though it's kind of funny.

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  9. This doesnt really count for post pickup but one time i met up with a connect on earth and even though i told him i was a grey, when i showed up he took one look at me and my ufo and he turned around and quickly ran but he ran right into a lamp pole and knocked himself out. I daresay if i had a sense of humor this would amuse me. Anyways i could of brought him on the ship but i figure ive done enough damage so i take the bag of nugs and put a bunch of earth currency in his pocket and left. First and last time ill ever pick up from a human

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  10. K, so back in the winter of 2009, My brother and I needed some bud, but while our then dealer and his girlfriend were in town at the time, they had left all their shit at their apartment, which at that time was in a neighboring city about 55 miles downriver.
    So was their car, as they had gotten a ride into town. Well, we needed to go there to pick up some guitar strings or some shit soon anyway, was our rationalization, so we agreed to throw down the gas, make the trip in our car, and kill two birds with one stone. We get up there to their apartment, and immediately our homeboy and his girl start prepping massive knifers of both Mango Diesel and Master Cush for all of us. We spend around a good hour and a half to two hours choking down ridiculous knife hits, then proceed to start blazing out of their two-footer. We each buy an 1/8th of the mouth-watering Mango Diesel, and since our friends had decided that now that their stash was in tow, they wanted to ride back down with us. By this point in time, it being winter and all, it is dark and snowy as all fuck. We're high as balls, every last one of us. We are also in a little hatchback Subaru with the heater on, with a combined stash of about an ounce or so of rank high-grade. Now, the highway between these towns usually isn't what I'd call riddled with cops most points of the day, even when you think it might be. At the start of the trip back, we'd also blazed a little chillum pack and aired the car out. Throughout the drive, I'm also smoking cigarettes with the window on my door cracked. We get about 3/4ths the way back into town, and right when we are about 10-15 miles out, we start approaching the rest stop that lies between the two towns. I had been noticing that there was at least one car not too far behind us for about a mile or so, but wasn't too concerned, even though all I could make out was headlights. There is a long stretch of this highway as you're coming up on the rest area that is very well lit. As soon as we enter this stretch, I happen to look back again, and notice that not only is the car much, much closer up behind us then 2 minutes previous, I can now see it, and it is most certainly a State Trooper, quite possibly a k9 unit. At this point, I silently begin shitting my pants, because despite our best efforts, the car still reeks of the ganj, thanks to my then dealers inability to use anything other the roll-up sandwich baggies.[​IMG] Before I can even say anything, my brother, who is driving, happens to glance in the rearview and alerts both of them in the backseat to what is going on. Everyone has a large moment of panic and trying to obscure the view of dufflebags, etc. By this point, his ass is literally right behind us, and he proceeds to flip his lights and siren on, and we all just start expecting the worst. He then at the last second flies around us and pulls the guy just ahead of us over. We were so pissed, frightened and relieved to make it home that night, lol, needless to say, we had to smoke a lot more to calm down after that one.

  11. this isnt really post pickup story but more of a post dropoff. My friend was dealing weed in high school and i went with him one night to sell to these 3 guys. they lived in this fucked up trailer park [missouri] and we went over there and ofc they wanted to match on a bowl. his trailer was a fucking mess, there was piss and shit on the ground from the dog and the dog had flees or some shit cause he was constantly scratching himself. the dog kept trying to get on my lap, but i just kept kind of nudging him.
    I was so paranoid, this was kind of around when i was still new to smoking. this kids dad comes out of the back of the trailer, just as raggedy as his trailer. the son says, i shit you not "my dad and joey are gonna go break into trailers tonight"
    I just wanted to fucking leave, but my friend started playing this racing game with them and we ended up staying an hour to long while i pretended to have fun and was waiting to get robbed..
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  12. I know we're not supposed to ask for hook ups but if you could send a bit of alpha centuri kush my way I would appreciate it I hear the Greys have excellent hydroponics
  13. Perhaps next time i am near earths orbit ill drop by for a sesh. Im currently a few planets away atm

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  14. Why does the thread title say 'post pickup awkwardness'? You did not ask for an awkward story but instead you said 'weird or frightening'.

    Stop trying to confuse me! Do you want an awkward weed pickup story or frightening.

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  15. Lol i guess in my case it was both, frightening that i saw a sherrifs duputy of all people walk right past me up to my dealers door after i just left his place. And awkward cause of the stares we exchanged.
  16. I was so high when I wrote here lol.

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  17. One time I was hanging with a few buddies and we wanted some bud, it was a friend's connection so I knew no one there. We get to his apartment and he invited us up to his attic, picked up a nice half and had a couple bong hits, on the way out I fucked up and instead of stepping on the path, I stepped right on the insulation and fell straight through his ceiling onto his dining room table and broke his dining room table.. All I hear from the hole in his ceiling was "you good bro?" Apparently that's not the first time that happened

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  18. you're trolling bruh, there's no way

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  19. Buddy I swear thats the truth I might still have pictures if my back

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  20. Holy fuck that's crazy haha

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