Post-Pandemic Garden: sativa, indica, blends.

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  1. Thanks Tim!
    Here is the completed scrog screen. It’s just under 5’ square. I heavily cheated and used metal corner brackets to secure the frame.
    The important quality is that the screen is taught.

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  2. The screen is now installed. It’s not very pretty, but it’s strong and can be disassembled and put away quickly if need be.
    Most importantly it will help me have a fantastic garden.


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  3. Yeah, I keep my eyes open and my hand truck close by. I have a lot of decent to very nice furniture that people have just put out on the sidewalk. It’s how we recycle in a city.
    The festool sanding system I have absolutely rocks! I bought it because I want to refinish a lot of this reclaimed furniture and because I have asthma. I’m also a big believer in not making a mess, as opposed to cleaning up a mess. This system creates very little sawdust to clean up.
    It also works fast!
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  4. Looks great WeeDroid. I used a similar fencing material on my first scrog.
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  5. I built a central dust collection system in my last shop. I ran hard pipe to all machines then flex the last few feet from my slide gates. I had a remote control clipped to my belt that turned the dust collector on and off. I also made a 24"x24" downdraft sanding table for sanding smaller projects. I still had coarse wood dust to clean up too. But, the finer dust the harms us was all removed from the air.
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  6. Thanks! I’ve used this fencing since my indoor scrog days as well as a trellis for my last window grow. Very useful stuff.
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  7. So beans are in their wee lil pots. I have 20 seedling pots with 30 seeds in them.
    All of this seed stock is around 15 years old, during which the storage integrity fluctuated wildly.
    These days I use lil jam jars from hotels to store my well organized seed stock.
    I have some rare, pure sativas in there and a bunch of indica/sativa hybrids from outdoors in Northern California.
    My goal is 3-4 females and a few males. I’m very keen on getting the pure sativas to produce some seed for me.

    2D060507-1B15-413D-96C3-6DDAADE2B29D.jpeg 8151C3A9-671A-4F42-8730-73967CC3D56A.jpeg
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  8. All those flags makes me think were joining in on the seedling olympics. That's a cool way to label them.
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  9. The March of the Tiny Seedlings! On my last grow I realized that short plastic tags were problematic.
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  10. My wee window garden. 7EFBDC98-7D25-43B3-A94A-55531FD49D30.jpeg
  11. First bean has popped! :weed:
    So 7 days after plopping them in the fine organic compost I have nurtured.

    And it’s one of my sativas! Happy daze! :smoking-banana:
    A bit earlier than expected, but the weather here has been mostly sunny and nice.
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    Oh yeah! Two more beans have popped for a total of three now. Another sativa and one of the Blueberry cross breeds. The weather has been very warm and sunny.

    The two sativas:
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    The Blueberry X Sugarloaf. This I would love to cross breed with a sativa.

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  14. The germination rate is so much better than last year. Last year my first sprouts appeared after 10 days.
    These three have appeared on days 7 & 8.
    I’m also in the dirt earlier this year than last, my trellis is in place now as opposed to August of last year and I have a lot more beans in the dirt.

    This is going to be a rockin grow season!

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  15. Beans have popped!
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    So the two sativas on the top right, the indica bottom left. Showing typical growth characteristics.
    I’m repotting the two sativas very early as there are 3 beans in that pot and I don’t want the roots entangled.
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    E07B4DD6-EA9A-4DAA-B9B2-EEB5408CD63D.jpeg 1BCFD54F-16C7-4CCE-A88E-2BEDF6CB5C07.jpeg I use to pack as much compost as possible in my pots. Last year I created very well drained bases using lava rock and pumice.

    Also seen is my personal succulent compost (on the left) with my standard personal compost mix. I mixed the two together in a roughly 1:3 ratio. I like well drained compost.
  18. And transplanted into their 3/4 gallon pots. If female they will go into 3 gallon pots. If male they will stay in these pots and be moved to the backyard.

  19. And the struggle continues.
    So, 17 days after dropping beans in the compost, I still only have 3 sprouts out of 30 beans.

    insert sad face here

    So I added a 2nd round of beans today by just adding more to each unsprouted pot and labeled the tags accordingly.

    6A27E919-0608-4A87-A302-EF74BCF2549A.jpeg 36F1CE46-8BCE-4452-8C08-2FE787EE3442.jpeg
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    So my lil garden continues to struggle. I discovered a forgotten stash of seeds, so I’m going to put them in the compost very soon.
    But meanwhile no new sprouts and the 3 that are there seem to be struggling a bit. I’m not certain why, unless it’s the angle of the sun in the sky. Which would fit with why I was able to do so well last year, despite starting late. As such they grew really fast.

    This year they seem to be growing more slowly. Days have been a mix of overcast and cool-cold, with several days of bright sunshine and temps in the mid 70sF.

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