Post-Pandemic Garden: sativa, indica, blends.

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    He’s baaaackkk ......

    Hi fine folks. As promised I am returning with another indoor, south facing window grow. My home life has stabilized enough to make another attempt!

    So over the next few days I’ll be reviewing my old notes and setting up the seedlings. I’ll be posting in near real time as I go.

    Compost is organic and and is a blend of premixed/commercial/organic compost, amendments & my own compost blends. I’ll explain as I go, or you can look at my first pandemic garden journal, and/or my organic compost thread here;

    Egg shells. Organic recycling.

    The important part to note is that I do not add any sort of fertilizers/additives as I grow. Although I do top dress with work castings when I transplant from seedling to 3/4 gallon pit, and again to 3 gallon pot (just the girls for the last transplant, kept males stay in 3/4 gallon pots). But basically I just water. This worked really well in my last attempt, but I had to cut the garden down before I could harvest. The girls were loving it though so I anticipate great results.

    The goals are low cost, low maintenance, high quality/quantity yields, seed stock and a wide variety of herb. No lights, no fans.

    Lets see what happens, shall we?

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  2. Awaiting garden pics :)
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  3. I hope you are a patient one.
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  4. So you say its not finished germing/vegging/flowering/cut&hang/dried/put on glasses already?

    Get outta here ! ;p

    Patience is something I heard can be worked on. Too bad my WorkMotivation has not found me
  5. patience is a virtue.
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  7. Ready to learn,following.
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    So I have been investing in woodworking tools. Before I installed my goalposts that support my trellis/scrog frame, I sanded down everything. Now it’s nice clean, splinter free wood.

    Here is the 4by4 base:

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    Added 2by4 cross pieces for stability. Also seen is the bolts to connect the up rights.
    The cross pieces have 3-three inch wood deck screws per piece, attaching them to the base:

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    And the 2by4 uprights. All wood is recycled from the garden of last year:

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  11. The only difference, besides sanding, from last year is that I spread the uprights apart to encompass the entire window width.
    Tonight I’ll load up the seedling pots with my compost and water them to activate the eco system in the compost, which should make it more friendly to the seedlings.
    Tomorrow I’ll build the screen frame and install it.
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  12. Looking good WeeDroid. Are you going to use a finish on that or leave the wood raw. I use boiled linseed oil on anything exposed to water or possibly dirt. It offers some cheap protection.
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    Thanks TIm. If I were to do anything, I would apply some tung oil. But I’m feeling kind of lazy. I would have to disassemble it and take it down a flight of stairs and out to the back yard, a bit of a labyrinth course

    I’m not concerned about water stains and such. But it would take some time to cure and would need more sanding if I applied tung oil.
    My main concern atm was to make the wood smooth and splinter free, as well as removing smudge and dirt marks.

    I do have at least a couple of months before it plays so maybe. I have to free up two of my three sawhorses that are supporting the old skool woodworking bench I am making.
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    I have to say that upgrading my woodworking shop was a very smart move on my part, and it’s only going to get better.

    So, is it just me or does others find sanding a LOT more enjoyable when stoned?
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  15. I've been an avid woodworker most of my life. I even mill and dry my own lumber. I've owned a custom cabinet shop for around 10 years. Tung oil is a great penetrating oil as is Linseed oil. Boiled Linseed oil is cheaper and dries faster. I only built the base to my wood working bench, the top is made by Sjöbergs. Do you have a full woodworking shop or is it just a hobby?
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  16. Yup, love sanding stoned.
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    Wow! Mad respect sir!
    I’m a hobbyist that has messed around with wood for years, but just recently got serious about it. Stage craft is my career.

    Tung oil seems to protect marginally better than linseed from my research into the subject, but I’ve not used linseed yet. Finishing wood is still a bit arcane to me but I have some good books on woodcraft, including finishing. As a hobbyist speed in my finish drying is not a concern. I like the roughness the tung oil gave my bench as it keeps a slight grip on my work.

    I’m thinking about setting up my large grow tent in my backyard as a finishing booth. I even have exhaust fans!

    I’m learning more about woodworking for home improvement (I have a few cabinet projects), as well as for stage design & Installation Art design. I’ve invested in a festool dust collection system and a rotex 150. I don’t have a table saw, drill press or anything like that yet.

    i don’t even own a vehicle. I rent a van from U-Haul when I buy wood.
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    I found my workbench on the sidewalk. It was only two feet tall with one foot suffering from dry rot.
    Bench top is to the left. It was sanded down and treated with tung oil, my first experience using tung oil. Clamped to the bench is 1/4 of the scrog frame. It’s all cut and sanded, ready for assembling.

    Center is my festool two stage dust extractor with a vacuum attachment systainer on top.

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  19. That's one nice set up you have for sanding. I've use most finish types. I prefer hand rubbed oil finishes. I make my own oil blends. I even make my own friction polish for wood turning. I have a full hobby woodworking shop now. My last divorce and a major flood in my storage building damaged all my commercial machines.
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  20. Nice find with that bench. Again, that is one fine sander/dust collection system. Scrog frame is looking good too.
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